Humidifier: how to choose it, features and advice

Humidifier: how to choose it, features and advice

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The air in the house can become dry and not due to an unwelcome guest but, for example, when the heating is too high. To ensure good health and a pleasant home atmosphere we must have a humidifier or a device capable of regulating the hygrometry rate. There are several ways to do this and we will see how to choose the one that suits us, but first it is important to clarify that when we talk about a humidifier we are not meaning a dehumidifier. Is not the same thing! The humidifier goes a step further and not only removes the humidity but is able to create the necessary humidity in the home, thus also creating it, where it is necessary.

Usually the humidity rate considered ideal for a home goes 40 to 60% in the summer and spring but when we start to turn on the heaters the situation changes and the rate drops to 30% if no action is taken. This can provoke dry lips, sore throat, sore eyes, sinusitis and annoying breathing problems.

Humidifier: types

When the air is too dry, you cannot help but equip yourself with this device to avoid get sick every winter and to suffer for nothing. Let's go and see the various types of humidifiers that we can find on the market. There is the cold steam one by evaporation and the hot steam one, and then the ultrasonic or ultraviolet ray one. Which will be the best for us? It depends.

Cold vapor evaporation models are based on the principle of natural evaporation, have a filter, mesh or absorbent filter, for block the water, and a fan that blows dry air onto the filter. It is with this simple mechanism that humidity is produced but unfortunately the risk is that of spreading in the environment together with the humidity also many impurities that remain in the filter so it is better to choose appliances with washable filters or equipped with antibacterial sticks.

The evaporative hot steam humidifier brings the water to boiling and thus transforms it into steam. Thanks to the high temperatures, the elimination of any bacteria is obtained, so filters are no longer needed, you just need to choose the right water, preferably sweet. If desired, we can also add essential oils without exaggerating the quantity.

This model is one of the best, it is too rather silent, but it is not good if there are children in the house because it can be a danger due to the high temperatures it reaches.

If what interests us is silence, we need the ultrasound model which uses high-frequency sound waves to vibrate the metal membrane of the device and make the water explode. In this way, the drops of steam are obtained which are then emanated into the environment again by propulsion. In this case we go back to needing a filter, otherwise the minerals contained in the water, including tartar and limestone, are released into the air.

The last type we are going to see is the one based on ultraviolet rays or equipped with UV lamps which destroy the microbes present in the water. This technology can be applied with both hot and cold steam and is especially recommended for those suffering from immunodeficiency. Unfortunately, there is a drawback: UV lamps have a short life, so they must be changed after only a few months of use.

Humidifier: characteristics

To best choose our ideal model we must learn to understand which parameters to look at and which characteristics are important for evaluation for practical purposes. Let's start looking at the flow rate that is related to the density of the vapor, the higher it is, the more the emission of water into the air it is fast, then obviously we must also take into account the size of the room we want to humidify.

To decide the desired humidity rate, we must adjust thehygrometry, in this case it can be very useful to have the version equipped with a hygrostat that detects the humidity and allows the appliance to understand when to start and when to switch off depending on the level of hygrometry that we have set as ideal. If we are not always at home, it is also useful to look at the operating autonomy. In some more modern models, there is the possibility of programming switching on and off, also based on the humidity level reached.

Humidifier: tips

The humidifier is very important because it helps us get into our home an air free from humidity in excess or from dryness but also eliminates molds. In this way he manages to spare us various health problems often related to respiratory activities as well as asthma and sinusitis. Of course we must also do our part, for example by ventilating the rooms every day. It doesn't take much, about ten minutes is enough to reduce the number of bacteria present.

Another useful tip could be the use of essential oils but this also depends a lot on the tastes of the individual, there are those who love to enter very fragrant rooms, while those who just want to smell clean.

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