Sustainable development: what it is, examples and the 17 UN goals

Sustainable development: what it is, examples and the 17 UN goals

There is a lot of talk about Sustainable Development and every time we realize how we are treating the planet badly, we go back to saying that we should all put an extra gear. Without, however, having examples and targets to refer to, it is difficult to be concrete and move to actions by choosing the most effective ones. Here's why this article. The objectives suggest them to us United Nations while the examples we found them looking around us and not even going too far. Our Italy is also full of best practices, perhaps still too little told.

Sustainable development: what it is

There are many definitions of Sustainable Development and we certainly cannot say that only one is the correct one. We try to provide you with the most complete and at the same time precise one to get the message across that when it comes to sustainability there is no single path but what matters are the objectives and the results.

We choose the definition of the WWF than in his "Living Planet Report" indicates sustainable development as the will to learn to live within the limits of a single planet. Hence the need to be able to live, in a dignified and fair way for all, without destroying the natural systems from which we derive the resources to live and without exceeding their ability to absorb waste and waste due to our production activities.

From this sentence we can guess many practical actions that distinguish that adheres to the logic of sustainable development. For example, it is necessary to limit human intervention within the carrying capacity of natural systems so that their vitality and resilience are preserved. The levels of withdrawal of non-renewable resources should also be limited so as not to exceed their regenerative capacity. Important issues are also those of technological progress and waste.

For what concern first, it is necessary that, when it comes to production of goods and services, it must be addressed to increase efficiency rather than the consumption of energy and raw materials. On the issue of waste e waste, instead, it is necessary to be vigilant so as not to exceed the assimilation capacity of natural systems.

Sustainable development: examples

Examples of sustainable development are those beautiful stories that newspapers and TV occasionally find the space to tell by putting on us. a bit of optimism. We can talk about the many companies that choose to lower their environmental impact by doing ethical and ecological choices even small ones but which, on large numbers, have great consequences.

A little also for marketing, but in any case they do it, even large companies have recently announced important actions for sustainable development. Microsoft has decided to cut emissions by 75% by opening a large wind farm in the Netherlands, similar to the changes in Apple, Amazon, Google and even Facebook announced a plan that will lead it to rely exclusively (100%) on renewable sources for the energy supply of its data centers by 2020, through the construction of new solar and wind plants.

Looking at Italy, there are smaller but no less virtuous examples such as the app against food waste which is also doing a great job with regards to environmental awareness. I am referring to Last Minute Sotto Casa, a Turin start-up that has invented a very interesting and effective mechanism. The user registers, indicates their area of ​​residence and receives alerts from neighboring shopkeepers who, a few hours after the shops close, have products that are still fresh, but unsold, and therefore can be purchased up to 50% discount. Sounds trivial? Yet no one had thought of it before and… it works!

Ranging from tourism to mobility, from kitchen trendy, there is no shortage of examples to tell and I invite you to look for them and support them by choosing these brands instead of others less sensitive to the health of our planet.

Sustainable development: the 17 goals

These 17 goals for sustainable development that we are about to discover were promoted by the UN and to be achieved by 2030.

  1. Defeat poverty once and for all.
  2. Zero hunger goal.
  3. Guarantee the right to health for all.
  4. Guarantee the right to education for all.
  5. Achieving gender equality.
  6. Ensure access to a source of drinking water for all.
  7. Produce clean and sustainable energy.
  8. Make sure that economic growth lasts.
  9. Industrialization, infrastructure and innovation.
  10. Reduce inequalities between rich and poor countries.
  11. Cities and communities need to become safer, more sustainable and more inclusive.
  12. Introduce responsible models of production and consumption.
  13. Taking action to combat climate change.
  14. Protect marine life.
  15. Protecting life on land.
  16. Guarantee peace and justice.
  17. Encourage international collaboration in order to achieve the various objectives.

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