Keep Clean and Run +: 730 km and seven ultramarathons for the longest plogging in Italy

Keep Clean and Run +: 730 km and seven ultramarathons for the longest plogging in Italy

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The appointment with Keep Clean and Run, the longest plogging in Italy, which for this edition is renewed becoming Keep Clean and Run + (KCR +). A novelty that concerns not only the name of the well-established eco-trail against littering, the sad phenomenon ofabandonment of waste in the environment, but also the organization of the event.

The appointment is in fact more inclusive: from now and until the day before departure it is possible to join together to accompany you on a run or bike the “refusologist” and environmental popularizer Roberto Cavallo and the triathlete Roberto Menicucci, helping them clean up the environment in what can be considered a long plogging, of 730 km, from Monviso to the Po Delta.

The message linked to the initiative is strong and clear: the littering, which kills our natural habitats, must be countered starting from its places of origin, namely the hinterland. And each of us can do something to combat it, making simple gestures such as avoiding litter and bending down to collect what is already contaminating the environment. After having anticipated the plogging, that is the combination of running and the removal of abandoned waste, now Keep Clean and Run + aims to broaden the audience of sportsmen engaged in this useful combination.

The race and the events

KCR + will start on Friday 4 May 2019 from Monviso, or rather from the source of the Po, to end on May 10 in Pila, in the Po Delta. The eco-athletes, in seven stages, will travel along the banks of the most important Italian river crossing Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Veneto. The race includes a total of 730 kilometers to be completed by running and, to a small extent, by bike. Along the way, Cavallo and Menicucci will collect the abandoned waste found along their way, photographing and mapping those that they cannot take away.

The race promoted by AICA - International Association for Environmental Communication - in collaboration and with the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea, it will stop in these locations: Crissolo (Monviso), Carignano (TO), Casale Monferrato (AL), Pavia, Cremona, Mantua, Ferrara, Porto Tolle-Pila hamlet (RO).

Several intermediate stages are also planned, during which the local population will be invited to participate in local cleaning events and / or meetings related to the theme of combating waste abandonment and the presentation of the campaign Let's Clean Up Europe. We recall, in fact, that Keep Clean and Run represents the central Italian event of this important European event that aims to raise awareness on the emergency of waste abandonment.

The Keep Clean and Run + message

In the 2019 edition, the eco-race wants to focus onorigin of littering. The choice to focus the sporting event in the mountain and marine ecosystems, in fact, stems from the awareness that over 75% of the pollution of the seas originates in the hinterland and is transported by rivers. To investigate this phenomenon,
a team of researchers, led by Franco Borgogno, will follow the two eco-runners along the entire route, taking care of monitor the waters of the Po and by collecting scientific data on the pollution status of the river. During the event, the experiences and virtuous management chains will also be highlighted waste treatment.

Roberto Cavallo himself explains the genesis and the message entrusted to Keep Clean and Run: "The central idea is to talk about waste in a different way: we hear that we have to change the paradigm, but then in the end we need a sixteen year old to reflect and do something. We were looking for a way to communicate the journey of a waste from the hinterland to the sea and from a chance meeting with a friend, who had run from Aosta to Ventimiglia, the idea of ​​Keep Clean and Run was born, which over time has become a format. Thanks to this initiative"- continues the eco-runner -"every year we meet from 3 to 7 thousand students who bend their backs to collect waste, but we also manage to reach millions of people through the attention of the media. There are many keywords that can be associated with Keep Clean and Run: territory, community - made up of companies or municipalities that support us and thanks to this initiative carry out cleaning actions -, race because it is an aggregating factor and personally allows me to participate with big names in racing like Giorgio Calcaterra, i Dematteis twins or Franco Collè bringing level sport closer to the environment”.

The road-book

For the occasion, KCR + has published a road-book complete with stages and times indicative of the passage of the event. The goal is to create a green wave made of good practice and of environmental awareness. A goal that can only be reached thanks to the participation of all. The invitation that the Keep Clean and Run promoters address to associations, municipalities, schools, citizens and any other social entity is to consult the complete road-book and then send an e-mail to [email protected] to subscribe to the desired stop, explaining how you want to participate. The possibilities are so many. Organizing a cleaning action, accompanying part of the race by bike, promoting an awareness event: any idea will be well received.

Patronages and Partnerships

Keep Clean and Run has received national sponsorships from Ministry of the Environment and Land and Sea Protection he was born in Senate of the Republic.

Partners of the initiative are Tetra Pak, Street market, Fise Assoambiente, Utilitalia, Greentire, Comieco, Recreate, Corepla, Coreve, CiAL is CONAI in addition to the technical partnership of E.R.I.C.A. Soc. Coop. and the support of the National Promoting Committee of the SERR (European Week for Waste Reduction) composed of UNESCO Committee, ANCI, Utilitalia, Legambiente is Metropolitan City of Rome Capital and of Turin.

More information is available on the website and on the social profiles of, environmental communication portal by AICA. The official hashtag of the eco-trail is #cleanecorri.

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