Eco-Med: green economy between the Mediterranean and Southern Italy

Eco-Med: green economy between the Mediterranean and Southern Italy

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Eco-Med Green Expo - The appointment is for next 11-13 April, at the “The Chimneys” exhibition center , where the 1st Mediterranean Exhibition Eco Med Green Expo, the Environment, Waste, Water and Remedy Exhibition will take place , Energy Comfort .

Eco-Med Green Expo Catania 2019: what is it?

Eco-Med Green Expo offers thematic seminars and conferences, the most innovative ideas and the most efficient products presented by over 200 exhibitors from all over the Mediterranean area.

From 11 to 13 April, Catania is a candidate to become the hub of change in the management of the environment, green expo with the ambition to create a bridge countries they overlook the Mediterranean around the great themes of the circular economy .

Waste, water, energy, sustainable mobility, reclamation are the key words on which institutions and companies will be called to confront the transition towards full environmental and social sustainability.

The "chimneys" will be held simultaneously with " Project Room ", Another important trade fair now in its elevated edition and dedicated to improving energy efficiency , the safety and liveability of public and private buildings, in full view of smart cities .

For three days, therefore, exhibitors, researchers, professionals, companies and institutions will have the opportunity to discuss the latest news in each sector of specialization, also benefiting from events, seminars and other moments dedicated to deepening and meeting demand and supply. Much more than a fair. The ambition of "Eco-Med" is to exploit the good practices that will be presented during the shows to put institutions and companies in the South together with authoritative interlocutors of the Mediterranean and North Saharan African communities, raising new interests and possible collaborations on the aspects of the green and circular economy .

Special attention will be paid to start-ups and spin-offs active in the various sectors of the green economy, with the dual purpose of presenting the most innovative ideas to the general public and offering young talents an opportunity for promotion and growth. In fact, it is no coincidence that the two international trade shows will take place in a city and a region that, together with Campania, will drive technological innovation and, consequently, the economic and employment recovery of southern Italy. The confirmation comes from the data of the latest quarterly report of the Ministry of Economic Development and InfoCamere: with its 474 companies, at the end of 2018 Sicily was the seventh region by number of registered start-ups, the first among the southern regions in relation to total of new joint stock companies (2.06%). From this heritage "Eco-Med" intends to start to design the future of the green economy.

Eco-Med Green Expo Catania 2019: how to participate

For more information and accreditations, visit the official website of the event:

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