How to make pasta at home

How to make pasta at home

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How to make pasta at home: traditional and alternative recipes. From durum wheat flour to buckwheat flour. Gluten-free pasta, without eggs or fresh egg pasta ... in short, all about homemade pasta!

With the homemade pastait is possible to bring forgotten flavors of inestimable value to the table. Personally I love to amaze my diners, so I experiment with new recipes and test various flour mixtures to obtain a tasty homemade pasta.

Therefresh pastait is prepared very quickly and in the waiting times it is possible to prepare the condiments. Pasta is none other thanwater and flour, it is clear that the secret ingredient is the quality of flour used!

How to make pasta at home

It is possible to dohomemade pastastarting from the classic white flour (or type 00 flour), durum wheat flour, buckwheat flour, kamut flour, durum wheat semolina, wholemeal flour or ... flour mixes with an unusual composition! To understand which flour to use to make an excellent homemade pasta, I recommend reading the articles:Alternatives to white flourisHow to make flour at home.

Homemade eggless pasta

The classicfresh homemade pasta it is light and goes well with any condiment, even the most complex. To make fresh pasta at home, without eggs, you need three ingredients:

  • 400 g of durum wheat flour, also called durum wheat flour
  • 200 - 225 ml of water
  • 8 g of salt

Place the flour in a fountain and pour some lukewarm water in the center. The water must be poured gradually so that it stops when the dough has reached the optimal consistency. In the center of the fountain, along with the water, a pinch of salt should also be added. The dough should be rolled out with a rolling pin or a pasta roll (electric or manual) so that it can be given the desired shape.

Homemade egg pasta

The procedure is almost identical to what was seen previously. In this case, however, the eggs are added to the center of the fountain. In this example recipe we will take thehomemade wholemeal pasta, but, as stated, wholemeal flour can be replaced with other types of flour. The ingredients for egg pasta:

  • 200 g of wholemeal flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 g of salt

When it comes topastawith homemade egg, it is also possible to use only the yolk or the egg white (according to nutritional needs, the egg white to obtain a low-calorie egg pasta or the yolk to obtain a high-protein egg pasta). A tastier version sees the addition of a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

Homemade gluten-free pasta

The procedure of the recipe of thehomemade gluten-free pastadoes not differ from the one seen previously, what change are the ingredients! How to make gluten-free pasta at home? Choose the right flour blend! Personally I prefer an intense flavor, so I do not recommend the use of flours that are excessively rich in starch (tapioca flour, cornstarch, rice flour ...). Rather, to prepare the gluten-free pasta I would recommend using a mixture of different types of flours. For now, the winning blend I have tested is 370 grams of buckwheat flour and 130 grams of corn flour.

Choose different flours from the page dedicated toGluten-free floursand create the right mix for your palate. Between thehomemade gluten-free pasta, very popular is the one made from the mixture based on glutinous rice flour (gluten-free, do not let the name fool you), cornstarch and corn flour.

Pasta machine

The pasta machine is nothing more than a tool that helps kneading. To do this, you can use any food processor, a planetary mixer or a mixer.

The machines for rolling out the dough

The dough can be rolled out by hand with a simple rolling pin, or, those who want to optimize time, can choose a machine for roll the dough manual or electric. The electric rolling machines have prices starting from around 90 - 100 euros, a good machine for rolling out pasta by hand can be bought with an investment of 40 euros. I recommend purchasing the manual machine only if you intend to make tagliatelle, fettuccine or homemade spaghetti. After the preparation of the homemade pasta, this can be dried and stored for a long time as dried or frozen pasta and used at the moment as fresh pasta. Given the practicality of the machine, I do not recommend keeping it fresh pasta in the freezer, better make it at the moment and eat it fresh or let it air dry and eat it dry.

Among the various products offered on the market, we point out the pasta machine depicted in the photo above, it is amade in Italysince 1932. The version classic chrome(silver color), is offered at the promotional price of € 39.59 euros on Amazon with free shipping costs. The same object is offered by various shopping centers at a price of about 55 - 65 euros. For more information, I refer you to the official product page: Marcato Classic Atlas 150 Cromo (Machine for making pasta at home).

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