Hawthorn to relieve anxiety

Hawthorn to relieve anxiety

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Thedrops of hawthornthey are used as a natural remedy for relieve anxietyand fight stress. Not just drops: it is possible to exploit the properties of hawthorn by taking herbal teas and ad hoc homeopathic remedies.

If you suffer from anxiety, some plants can be your allies. Among these is thehawthornuseful for reducing anxiety and related symptoms such as tachycardia and a feeling of tightness in the chest.

Hawthorn: plant

Its botanical name isCrataegus monogyna, its appearance is that of aplant very branched, twisted and thorny. It belongs to the Rosaceae family (genus Crataegus) and, in its natural habitat, can reach a height of 6 meters. More common specimens with a height between 50 and 180 cm, with a bushy pattern.

The leaves, flowers and fruits of the hawthorn plant are used. Therefloweringoccurs in May withflowersdelicate-looking whites.

Thereplanthas always been popular for hissedative properties, thanks to which it manages tocounteract anxiety.

Advice on using the hawthorn to relieve anxiety. Method of use and choice between drops (mother tincture or bud extract) and herbal teas. Contraindications.

Hawthorn to combat anxiety

It fights anxiety and associated states thanks topropertyantispasmodic and sedative, it is particularly useful in case of psychosomatic heart problems: anxious tachycardia, nervous wheezing, a sense of oppression in the chest ... in short, the classicssymptomsofanxiety!

The active ingredients that help counteract theanxietyperform different actions, among others, they carry out an activityvasodilator, positive inotropic action, savings in oxygen consumption by the heart muscle ... without underestimating the actionsedativeborne by thecentral nervous systemand decreased heart rate.

Thehawthornit is considered excellentmedicinal plant. Also useful to counteract insomnia as well as anxiety.

Hawthorn drops: bud extract or mother tincture

Thehawthornit can be taken in the form of a solid supplement (tablets / capsules), by means ofinfusions and herbal teasor indrops (gemmoderivati ​​and mother tinctures).

The mother tincture and the bud derivatives are herbal preparations that are obtained from different portions of the plant. There tincture it is prepared from leaves, fruits, shoots, flowers and well developed adult vegetable portions. The bud extract it is prepared starting from growing tissues, then newly formed leaves, small fruits and immature shoots.

Both the bud extract and the mother tincture are equally effective. Different speech for the infusion and the hawthorn herbal tea which exert a milder action. Rather than discriminate the gem derivative from the mother tincture, when purchasing, you will have to pay attention to the solvent used for the preparation. The best products are generally free of alcohol.

Where to buy thedrops of hawthorn?
In herbal medicine, pharmacies or on Amazon, taking advantage of online shopping. On Amazon, a 60 ml bottle of bud extract can be bought at a price of 14.50 euros with free shipping. For all information on the product mentioned, I refer you to "this Amazon page".

Thehawthornit is used inhomeopathy: the homeopathic remedyCrataegus(name derived from the botanical genus ofplant) is obtained fromhawthorn fruitsin mother tincture.

How to use the drops?

For the intake it is important to read the directions on the label. In the case ofdropspreviously recommended, the advice is to dilute 40 drops (2 ml) in water, to be taken twice a day to prevent states ofanxietyand agitation.

In case ofacute anxiety crisis, if necessary, you can take 60 drops. It is advisable not to exceed the dose of 120 drops per day (therefore no more than 6 ml per day).

Thedrops ofhawthornrecommended can also be used during pregnancy or to relieveanxiety in children. In children, however, the maximum recommended dose is 40 drops (2 ml) per day.

Hawthorn herbal tea

As stated, thehawthorn teait has milder effects, however, it can be taken in the evening to aid sleep and relieve stress accumulated during the day.


Thehawthorn it has no particular side effects. Thecontraindicationsthey are not significant. Few precautions: those suffering from gastritis, heartburn and digestive tract disorders, should take hawthorn with caution. Or, if the drops induce heartburn, it is better to limit their use.

There are no contraindications for the consumption of herbal tea.

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