Agriculture on the front page with CRIET

Agriculture on the front page with CRIET

Our collaboration with CRIET and we are pleased to present the next event of the "CRIET Incontra 2018" cycle, this time dedicated toagriculture It is entitled "Agriculture on the front page".

L'agriculture, for some time, it is no longer just a traditional economic sector: it has become a set of economic, social and territorial relations with an impact also on our lifestyle.

It is a sector that offers increasingly diversified goods and services and does so by relating more and more closely with consumers and with other sectors of the economy; it is a sector that, beyond mere production, expresses more than other territorial protection, multifunctionality and ecosystem services.

To the sector ofAgriculture 40% of the community budget is allocated and this raises questions in the public opinion that does not fully understand the extent of the services that agriculture offers.

The topic of information can therefore only assume an economic and marketing, political and social reputation value. In this regard, CRIET is House of Agriculture propose this meeting as an opportunity to reflect on the ability that information has matured in transmitting the scientific and cultural contents that support the sector on which the lives of

We talk too often about food, ignoring that we have behind it scientific research, experimentation, innovation to improve its quality and an agriculture that is increasingly careful to preserve
the environment and to ensure ecosystem services. And all this without forgetting the teachings that come from tradition.

The primary sector is, in other words, a sector that today, much more than yesterday, faces processes that are above all economic and social relations, the contamination of scientific languages ​​and
informative, innovative openings, all elements of the transfer of knowledge, also through modern digital paradigms.

If this assumption is accepted, then it appears evident that today it is no longer sufficient to inform - or disclose - to an indistinct or more or less known user, but it is more appropriate to dialogue with the various stakeholders, whether they are consumers or sector operators, to share data, knowledge, experiences, and to aggregate communities, social networks, interest groups.

Creating a dialogue between all the "so-called" stakeholders (producers, processors, distributors and consumers) can have the virtuous effect of giving more dignity to agriculture, even the niche one, and to orient the food supply chains more and more in the direction of satisfying the growing consumer demand for ahealthy food, produced in a sustainable way. And this applies to the entire system of relations in the agricultural world: business, training and work, business, universities and research, public administration, commerce and consumption, catering and society, etc.

The "House of Agriculture"

The idea of ​​"House of Agriculture"It arises from the need to give value to agriculture and in it to all sector operators: farmers, land workers, technicians, researchers and public administration employees.
Agriculture understood as a strategic sector for the economy and the environment, little known and sometimes ignored by public opinion, sometimes neglected by public authorities, in reality a sector of capital importance for the future of humanity.

The "House of Agriculture" intends to carry out two fundamental functions:

  • promote discussion and debate on the great transformations that the agricultural world is experiencing, bringing out and supporting the best economic, environmental and social solutions
  • be a collector of practical experiences of technological innovation and sustainable production models so that these can be made known and available to all. Functions that will be carried out by opening our eyes to all the roles that agriculture plays today.

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Agriculture on the front page: where and when

The "Agriculture on the front page" event will be held on the day of13 December 2018 inHall of the Frescoes of Palazzo Isimbardi in Via Vivaio, 1, in Milan.

To participate and for more information, you can contact CRIET Incontra by sending an email to:[email protected]

Agriculture on the front page: program

To you the program of the event "Agriculture on the front page" which sees how project leader, Mauro del Corpo.


CRIET it's a inter-university research center established in 2006 by the University of Milan-Bicocca (administrative headquarters), the University of Pavia and the University of Ferrara. Over the years, six other university institutions have joined the project: University of Naples "Parthenope", University of Turin, Polytechnic University of Marche, University of Salerno, University "Carlo Bo" of Urbino and University of Milan.
The CRIET wants to be a new way of "doing" University based on concepts such as public / private convergence, multidisciplinarity, the creation of "networks of actors" of society.
The CRIET is the fulcrum of a network that systematizes the knowledge and interests of universities, institutions and companies, with the aim of promoting the development of the territory.

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