Gardenia, meaning

Gardenia, meaning

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Let's analyze themeaning of gardenia, flowerbecame famous in fullromance, loved for its fragrance and beauty.

Theregardeniais an evergreen shrub much appreciated by Italians. It can easily be grown in pots or in the open field and offers abundant blooms.

Mimosa, in the language of flowers, is associated with chastity. The red rose is a symbol of the blood of Christ while the flower of love, par excellence, is the tulip. What does gardenia mean? Let's find out together.

Meaning of flowers: gardenia

The language of flowers is called "floriography“, It is a means of communication“ in code ”where at eachfloweris attributed ameaningnet. Everyflowerhas its ownmeaningwhich has been attributed to him over the centuries. Some plants are mentioned in the bible, others are the protagonists of myths and legends… and also starting from these writings that the various symbolisms have been structured.

Allagardeniawe owe the invention of the flower holder water vial. You know that plastic vial you see in nurseries to keep cut flowers? Well, its invention dates back to the 1800s and was born precisely to keep longer orgardeni flowersto.

All flowers can boast a legend, but only thegardeniacan boast of having been a need. Yes, the vial was invented in England to give men and women a way to keep them longergardeniasjust picked.

Gardenia: meaning

Theregardeniait became popular in the second half of the 1700s, in fullromance: thisflower, in fact, it is a symbol ofsimple beauty, elegance, romance and love.

The popularity of thegardeniait did not cease over the years, indeed, in 1920 it became the symbol ofgentleman, that's why awhite gardeniait can be the perfect gift for a man.

Any man who wanted to affirm his elegance could not fail to point a gardenia to the buttonhole of his jacket. This flower has always been loved for its appearance but also for its fragrance: gardenias give off a very delicate and pleasant scent.

Even today, themeaningof the gardenia inlanguage of flowers, is due to its history. Theregardeniaand theflowerof elegance, ofkindness,of sincerity and nobility of mind.

In recent times, thegardeniahas been associated with a health battle. If Azalea is the plant associated with the fight against the field and adopted by the AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research), thegardeniait is the emblem of the fight against multiple sclerosis. In this context, his is emphasizedmeaningof kindness and a gesture of solidarity is asked for the purchase of a gardenia during the fundraising to finance research against multiple sclerosis.

Someone associates the plant with thebeauty that escapes, the ephemeral beauty… But this is wrong: iflowers, on the plant, they have a long life, only when cut they last 3-4 days.

White gardenia: meaning

Therewhite gardeniait underlines all the meanings seen previously and adds one: purity. This is why white gardenia is often included in the bride's bouquet.

When to give gardenias

There are many occasions in which you can decide to give a composition ofgardenias. These flowers are also used to simply say:you're adorable!Othersmeaningsassociated with this flower are:

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Friendship
  • Protection
  • Romantic dreams

With thered gardeniathe meaning ofromance. The yellow gardenia is a clear message of sincere friendship, the pink gardenia is a symbol of gentleness and nobility of soul for women.

Theregardeniait is also associated with protection: metaphorically, this flower with a gentle and noble soul, keeps negative energies away and helps dissipate the most difficult moods.

This meaning is in line with the uses made in aromatherapy: the fragrance extracted from gardenia is used to counteract stress and fatigue and to assist relaxation.

How to grow gardenia

Not everyone knows this but… this flower is not only beautiful to grow in the garden, it is also useful! The fruits (drupes) that develop as a result of flowering are used to prepare infusions, herbal teas and other herbal remedies.

Any tips for growing gardenias at home or in the garden? Read more on the page: gardenia in the house.

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