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White oil, all the info

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L'white oilit is a chemical compound widely used in various sectors, despite its owntoxicityit is used in agriculture, veterinary medicine, electronics and… cosmetics. In fact, we can also find this ingredient in emollient oils for babies and children.

The termswhite oilismineral oilthey are synonyms. In both cases it is an oily blend made from petroleum.

Note: white oil should not be confused with white oil even if in both cases they are mixtures of hydrocarbons obtained by distillation of crude oil. So how to distinguish them? Each package has its own label ... but in any case, white oil, unlike white oil, is odorless!

White oil: composition

L'white oilis a mixture consisting mostly of long-chain alkanes (containing about 15-40 carbon atoms) derived fromPetroleum.

L'oil mineralit is transparent, colorless and odorless. From a chemical point of view it is composed mainly of alkanes and to a lesser extent of cycloalkanes. It has a density of about 0.8g / cm3.

Based on its use, thewhite oilmay present acompositiondifferent, an example is the addition of perfumed volatile compounds when intended for cosmetic use.

L'white oilor mineral oil, is produced by fractional distillation of crude oil.

White oil: toxicity to humans

The WHO, the world health organization, classifiesuntreated mineral oilsor only slightly treating in Group 1 of human carcinogens. It means that they are considered carcinogenic to humans. Due to the danger to human health, both in the United Kingdom and in the United States, there are very strict regulations related to the time of exposure towhite oilby the insiders who deal with its production.

White oil: toxicity to parasites and plants

L'white oilexercises an actiontoxicboth onplants (phytotoxic) than its ownparasites.

Toxicity for plants (phytoxicity) is a consequence of the penetration of the oily liquid by capillarity inside the plant tissues. For this reason it is recommended to perform treatments in moderation and at consistent intervals.

The actioninsecticide(toxicity on plant parasites) is linked to the density of the liquid: thewhite oilit causes the occlusion of the tracheal spiracles of insects resulting in death by asphyxiation.

To lower thetoxicityon plants, thecomposition of white oilfor agricultural use it is biased in favor of paraffins (aliphatic hydrocarbons with high molecular weight or alkanes). L'white oilfor agricultural use, not to betoxicon plants, it undergoes a further refining process after distillation.

Insecticidal white oil: where to buy it

L'white oilit is easy to find on the market. You can contact an agricultural consortium, a well-stocked garden center or nursery. Alternatively, you can take advantage of online trading. On Amazon, the most popular mineral oil is the one produced by Bayer, allowed in organic farming and non-phytotoxic: the white oil in question has undergone further treatment to eliminate high molecular weight compounds (phytotoxic). In this way it is possible to perform more treatments even in tight circles.

The white oil in question can be bought on Amazon for € 11.80 with shipping costs included in the price. For all information, I refer you to the official page: Oliocin Bayer.

Homemade white oil

If you are looking for an ecological alternative, know that you can prepare a DIY version of mineral oil at home. L'homemade white oilit is prepared from corn oil, soybean oil or other vegetable oils enriched with detergent. In this case, use must take place at high time intervals.

This DIY organic insecticide is prepared by mixing 400 ml of vegetable oil and 100 ml of castile soap.

White oil in food

Fortunately, the use ofmineral oilin food it has not been approved in the European Union, but outside Europe it is used occasionally in the food industry. It is mainly used for the preparation of confectionery and indicated on the label as "E905a".

Due to its water repellent properties, it is often used for the treatment of wooden kitchen cutting boards.

White oil in cosmetics

The samebaby oilit is often produced fromfragrant mineral oil. L'white oilwe also find it in beauty products. In particular, among the ingredients it is listed as:

  • Paraffinum Liquidum
  • Paraffinum subliquidum

It is a ubiquitous ingredient, the most refined mineral oil does not clog the pores.



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