Tea tree oil: price and benefits

Tea tree oil: price and benefits

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L'essential tea tree oilortea tree oilcan make a large number ofbenefitsthanks topropertyanti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal and antiseptic.

Tea tree oil: plant

L'essential tea tree oilit is extracted from the botanical species Malaleuca alternifolia, a plant native to Australia.

For hundreds of years, in its homeland, thetea tree oilwas used for hispropertyantiseptics, to treat sore throats and to makebenefitsto the skin. Today, this oil is commercially widespread throughout the world, including Europe and Italy: thepricepurchasing is not prohibitive even if it varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Before dedicating ourselves toprice of tea tree oil, let's see what thebenefitsof this product.

Please note: the plant Malaleuca alternifolia it is not the only species used for the production oftea tree oil, in Southeast Asia thetea tree oil it is often produced from the speciesMalaleuca cajuptifrom analogous property.

Tea tree oil: benefits

THEbenefitsrelated to the use oftea tree oilare to be connected to the presence of certain active ingredients such as:

  • Terpinenes
  • Terpinolenes
  • 1.8 cineole
  • alpha-pinene

Each tea tree can have a different active ingredient content, which is difficult to quantify. Among these, the active ingredient useful for relieving airway diseases (sore throat, cough, tonsillitis, inflammation ...) is cineole. To understand thebenefitsjust think that this compound is used for the production of cough syrups, it is popular for its property balsamic and anti-inflammatory.

Thanks to its active ingredients, tea tree oil is used in the formulation of many mouthwashes (including the very famous Listerine).

Some terpenes contained in thetea three oilthey are considered useful in the treatment of joint inflammations of various kinds: they would be able to curb the production of inflammatory compounds.

A study conducted on humans suggests that the active ingredients contained intea tree oilthey would also seem to be useful in case ofswelling.

For thepropertyjust described, you can use thetea tree oilfor anti-inflammatory compresses or in case of bruises and blows that have caused swelling.

Tea tree oil: properties for the skin

Otherspropertyproven are related to its antimicrobial and antiseptic activity. In particular, thetea tree essential oil it has been shown to be active against species such as Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus aureus. Not only that, it would also seem to be useful in the treatment of fungal diseases caused by Candida albicans and Aspergillus niger.

For theantiseptic propertiesjust listed, thetea tree oilit can be used as a natural disinfectant or for the natural treatment of various ailments starting fromacne.

Propionibacterium acnes, in fact, is the gram-positive anaerobic bacterium linked to various diseases of theskin like theacne. S. aureus is also a pathogenic skin bacterium that can be treated withtea tree oil.

This is why it is said thatessential tea tree oilis effective foreliminate acnein a natural way! It is useful in case of itching and dryness of the skin, especially in conjunction with sweet almond oil.

The antifungal properties of thetea tree oilthey are also useful in the treatment of the form of ringworm known as "athlete's foot".

Tea tree oil: benefits for hair

The benefits are not limited to those listed so far. Thetea tree oilit can also be useful forhair care, especially in the case of oily hair, red spots on the scalp or skindandruff. It is useful in case of itchy scalp.

How to use tea tree essential oil?

Please note: it can be applied, for external use, with massages or packs but should never be used pure. Since it contains a strong concentration of active ingredients, if used pure it could be harmful to the skin. Before use, dilute a few drops oftea tree oilin sweet almond oil (excellent carrier oil for massages) or plain olive oil.

Tea tree oil: price and where to find it

How much does tea tree oil cost and where to buy it?
Actually thepriceit is very related to "where to buy". If you search herbalists, you will find small bottles oftea tree oil(10 or 15 ml) at prices that are around 10 euros. With a similar budget, taking advantage of the online purchase, it is possible to buy bottles of 50 - 100 ml.

On the web, theprice of tea tree oilit is much more competitive. Just think of Amazon's proposals where atea tree essential oil, of excellent quality, can be bought with 12.49 euros for the 100 ml bottle. Thepriceincreases for those who prefer aessential oilextracted from tea tree leaves grown organically.

For information on thecostand on the products mentioned, I refer you to:

  • This Amazon page, for the 50ml bottle oforganic tea tree oil(extracted from organically grown tea tree leaves). The price is € 14.99 always with free shipping costs.

Note: Our website has no connection with the manufacturer of the essential oils reported, simply after testing the oil we decided to report it for the excellent quality / price ratio. Having said that, feel free to choose thetea tree essential oilwhich you prefer most.

The only recommendation is to choose pure products. Thetea tree oilin fact, it is often marketed in oily mixtures so the active ingredients I mentioned earlier are present in minimal quantities. The products indicated on this page are pure and you can dilute them independently using any vegetable oil!

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