Easy recipe for orange marmalade

Easy recipe for orange marmalade

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In winter it is said that eating orange foods is good, so we have the excuse to devour some of it Orange jam and also to learn how to prepare it with our hands. I do not know if it is a rumor, or if the fact of orange foods has a scientific basis, but being very greedy for jam, even that of oranges, I did not go to investigate preferring to dedicate my time to its preparation.

I discovered that there are different recipes and versions, for all tastes, even for those who fear that this jam may be too bitter. Another thing I discovered is that not only the eating orange foods makes you happy but also cook them. This is also the reason why I really like to cook and eat pumpkin in winter.

And what if you wanted to keep the good mood given by oranges even when spring arrives? These fruits are not always available in all their goodness, especially if you buy them at zero km almost. A solution must be found for this necessary touch of orange and it is precisely the orange marmalade. We learn to make it at home, also to fill the house with good smell that the kitchen emanates during the preparation process, whether you add cinnamon to it or leave it natural.

On closer inspection, therefore, orange marmalade is excellent for both chromotherapy both for aromatherapy.

Orange marmalade: quick and easy recipe

Let's see how prepare the jam and we try to start immediately on the right foot by choosing to use organic fruits, to be on the safe side and not risk doing it one “pesticide” preserves. Other than aromatherapy!
Keep in mind that if we want to prepare 4 medium-sized jars of orange marmalade we must get a dozen oranges and a kilo of sugar.

Let's take the rigalimoni, or alternatively the potato peeler, to create zest of a couple of oranges, which are very subtle and fragrant. We move on to peel the oranges completely eliminating the white skin, the albedo to prevent our preserve from having a bitter taste. It is necessary that only the wedges remain in our hands together with all that juice that will run off during processing. We weigh what we got by making sure that sugar and oranges have the same weight. Let's keep it aside sugar for a while longer and put the rest in a pot, heating it over medium heat.

And the peel we had prepared? Let's put them in scald in boiling water for a few minutes to avoid that our orange marmalade contains the essential oil they contain, very bitter. Although it is good because it contains aromatic substances, terpenes, useful against cholesterol, it is not necessarily necessary for this ingredient to ruin all our careful preparation.

One time made it less bitter, the peel can be added to the pulp that is already boiling and, in the end, add the sugar in equal weight of the fruits. Now is the time to let everything cook over low heat, eventually eliminating the foam that forms on the surface. It usually takes half an hour for the Orange jam is ready but it is better to make checks to see if it is really the right time to take it off the heat. To understand this there are tricks like pouring some drop of jam on a cold plate and see if it runs or not. If it is too liquid, it must stay on the fire for a little longer.

Once the Orange jam it should be placed in jars that must be ready to welcome it, sterilized or boiled for a few minutes in plain water. It is not trivial to make jam, it should be poured almost to the brim and then closed with new screw lids and turned over. This ensures that the vacuum protects it from any external bacteria. The jars do not need to be upside down for now, just a few minutes and then we can straighten them and let them cool covered by a cloth so that the light does not affect their conservation.

Orange marmalade: ingredients

As we have seen the ingredients for the orange marmalade are rather mundane, serve oranges and sugar. There are recipes that also see the addition of cinnamon or lemon juice. The latter is mentioned in the recipe for bitter orange jam that we are now going to briefly see.

Bitter orange marmalade

There is not much difference compared topreparation process that we followed earlier, in this case we have to get a kilo of bitter oranges, sliced, 750 grams of sugar and the juice taken from a single lemon.
Even if the peel is not eaten we must be careful that it does not show signs because this could be a sign that the oranges are not good they could have rotten parts or a bad taste.

Another precaution concerns the sowing oranges which should be removed during peeling and cutting but in any case, during boiling, they come to the surface and it is then easy to eliminate them at a later time.

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