How to take a gun license for sporting use

How to take a gun license for sporting use

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Take the gun license for sporting use it's a bit like getting a driving license, you need physical requirements, certifications and an exam test. On this page I will explain how to take a gun license for sports use following the entire procedure required by law.

Port of arms: expiration and renewal

Thefirearms licenseit's alicensespecial that authorizes you to buy, hold a weapon and transport it.

Formally, there is a clear difference between weapons possession license and license of port of arms. If you need afirearms for sporting useor forgo hunting, the simple license for detention is not enough.

Typically, whoever takes theweapons possession licensehe does so for the increase of a collection of weapons that will never leave his home, in fact, with the possession license the person is authorized to purchase and possess weapons but not to transport them. Who takes onefirearms licenseon the other hand, it obtains a clearance for both the purchase and transport of weapons.

The firearms license can be requested for several reasons:

  • Port of arms for personal defense (renewal is done every year)
  • Port of arms for sporting use (renewal must be done every 6 years)
  • I carry firearms for hunting purposes (here too, the deadline is every six years)
  • Port of arms for collectors (it does not have an expiration date, does not need to be renewed and is formally called "detention license")

If you wanttake the gun license for sporting useor forgo hunting, you will have to follow a similar process, even if some rules change. A very different speech is made for the procedure for requesting the firearms permit for personal defense.

How to take a gun license for sports use

As stated, this firearms license is valid for 6 years. It allows you to practice sports such as:

  • Shooting
  • Skeet shooting

To practice shooting, you will need to register with a national section or with an association affiliated with a sports federation recognized by Coni. If your aim is clay pigeon shooting, you can only use a shotgun with a smooth bore barrel.

THEdocuments and i requirementsneeded forask for a firearm license for sports useI'm:

  1. Certification issued by the ASL which awaits a psycho-physical fitness.
  2. A payment receipt of € 1.27 for the cost of the booklet (the cost of the booklet is € 1.50 for the bilingual version). *
  3. Two revenue stamps of 16 euros to be applied on the request for the release of the weapons permit for sporting use.
  4. Two recent passport-sized photos.
  5. Certificate of suitability for handling weapons.
  6. Anamnistic medical certificate (issued by the ASL).
  7. A substitute declaration where you will indicate your residence and family status.

THErelease times of the firearms license, from the date of delivery of the request, are within 90 days. The necessary documents show that irequirementsto apply for a firearms permit for sporting use are:

  • Good visual and auditory skills (attested by the certification of the ASL health officer).
  • Psychological fitness (attested by the certification of the ASL health officer).
  • Ability to handle and use a weapon safely (certification issued by a Shooting Section and / or with the Diploma of suitability for handling weapons).

Where to get thecertificationfor suitability for handling weapons in complete safety? At a shooting range, a shooting range or target shooting range that is registered with the Italian Shooting Union (UITS) or at a shooting range, shooting range or target shooting range affiliated with the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI).

Where to obtain the certification of psychophysical fitness?
Contact the ASL of residence to find out where the visits to issue this certificate take place in order to attach it to the request for a firearm license. The ASL, in general, carry out the visit to the medical-legal offices or military health facilities.

Who to pay the € 1.27 payment to?
The payment must be in favor of the State Treasury office in your area. The details of the payment are requested from the Office where you will make the request for the release of the firearms license.

How much does it cost to take a gun license for sports use?

The expenses to be incurred to obtain the booklet itself are negligible but unfortunately thecost of the firearms licenseit is not related only to this. There are medical examinations, the two revenue stamps and also the compulsory registration at a shooting center, not to mention the costs of issuing the certificate declaring your ability to handle weapons.

Costs can fluctuate both according to the ASL and according to the center where you will go for the issue of the weapons handling diploma. Let's say thecostindicative is around 300 euros. This figure includes:

  • € 60 for certification for psycho-physical fitness and anamnestic certificate.
  • € 16 revenue stamp for the medical certificate.
  • € 200 for registration as a member of a certified shooting club, in order to obtain the certification of suitability for handling weapons in complete safety.
  • € 16 revenue stamp to be attached to the certificate of suitability for handling weapons.
  • 3 euros for passport-sized photos.
  • 3 euros per postal order for issuing the passport (1.27 € and 1.50 euros for the commission requested by the post office).
  • € 32 for the two € 16 revenue stamps required to fill in the form request for a firearms license for sporting use.

Thecost of the firearms license for sporting useit can increase if you decide, before taking the exam for the issue of the certificate of suitability for gun handling, to take shooting lessons.

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