Colon cleansing: benefits and contraindications

Colon cleansing: benefits and contraindications

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Who would ever say it and instead there colon cleansing it has to do with it yoga. Let's see how it can be done and what it is used for and also when it is appropriate to do it because although it sounds like medical therapy, it is also fine for those healthy people who have the pleasure of remaining so.

Colon cleansing: benefits

This cleaning, carried out using water and salt, is a practice that is part of the Indian tradition, a tradition in which it is named Shankprakshalana or Varisara Dhauti. It is called colon cleansing in Italian but it not only cleans the colon, but also gives a nice "pass" of purity to our entire intestine and it would seem that it brings blessings to the entire digestive system.

If we read what are the various purification practices of Hatha Yoga, we find mentioned the techniques we are talking about in Swatmarama's "Hatha Yoga Pradipika". As it is well explained there, these are techniques that certainly have great benefits on a body level because in fact clean colon and intestines,but they also give many advantages from a psychological point of view. It can be safely said that they heal body and "soul".

That of the colon along with other parts of the body are very important techniques for those who practice and as a whole they are called kriyas.

Colon cleansing is in the section of practices dedicated to the digestive system and called Dhauti, together with it, for example, there is also the Jihwa Dhauti, the cleaning the tongue with the tongue cleaner. Wanting to broaden the horizons by looking at other techniques, we also find Jala Neti, cleaning the nasal canals, always with the use of lotus and water and salt.

Colon cleansing: do it yourself

By describing the procedure we do not want to push for improvisation because it is important that the do-it-yourself is aware. We consult an expert and who has already done it to understand if it is what is right for us and if we are proceeding correctly, It is and remains an intervention on our body and must not be done randomly or imprudently, just because we like the idea .

Being based on water and salt this is what we need to prepare the drink to be consumed, specifically, 2 teaspoons of salt must be dissolved in each liter of water. Once the right mixture has been prepared, we can proceed by quickly drinking 2 glasses of water and salt and then practicing the following in sequence 5 asanas, 8 times for each: Tadasana, Tiryaka Tadasana, Kati Chakrasana, Tiryaka Bhujangasana and Udarakarshanasana.

After repeating the 5 asanas for the first time 8 times for each, we must drink another 2 glasses of water and salt again and then practice the sequence for the second time. Others 2 glasses of water and salt to drink and then off again with the exercises for the third time. If we haven't lost track, let's move on. In order not to forget the sequence and proceed without fear of skipping one of them, we can keep a note with the list to be gradually crossed out, especially the first few times that the procedure will certainly not be automatic.

Finish these three series, however a total of 6 glasses of water and salt, we can go to the toilet to check if there are already movements and to start emptying the intestines. If you did not give results right away or have little data, we can repeat the practice until we have finished evacuating the stool and only clean water will come out of us. end of cleaning signal.

In general, 16 glasses of water and salt in all should be needed to get to this point but this is an indicative average that should not cause us to alarm if we need a little more or a little less. The important is practice calmly and take your time without fear of appearing different or being judged.

The advice at the end of the practice is not to start eating immediately, it would not be the best for our bowels. It is also better not to sleep, if possible, because that's enough lie down in Shavasana for 45 minutes and relax and then recover and resume our normal activities. If we want we can eat a light meal, for example rice with some lentils topped with a little bit of clarified butter, perfect for lubricating the intestine. If we have complied with the whole process and 45 minutes of relaxation, our digestive system will be ready to resume its functions.

After lunch we recommend to rest always avoiding sleep but also making efforts. The day after colon cleansing, it is best to take some rest and not throw yourself into the hectic daily routine of work.
This whole procedure, as you may have noticed, can be easily carried out alone but the first few times it is better to have an external person by our side who checks us and warns us if we are making a false step. Due to the consequences it leads to and the ways in which it occurs, cleansing the intestine with water and salt it should not be performed more than twice a year.

Colon cleansing for weight loss

Colon cleansing it is not needed to lose weight even if on balance it is obvious that if we empty ourselves completely at the beginning we will feel a weight loss. It is a logical consequence but it is not about weight loss. Of course, if we go to improve the performance of our digestive system, we can then have a healthier body with which to run towards our ideal weight but only if we have a healthy and balanced diet. There colon cleansing does not do magic, or rather, not those desired by those who always hope that there is a formula, a trick, to lose weight without making the effort of following a diet and doing continuous and moderate physical activity.

Colon cleansing: contraindications

What we have described so far is a safe practice, without side effects and extremely effective for treating disorders involving the intestine. Everyone can therefore do it, but it is also recommended in particular cases dysbiosis, sluggish bowel, constipation, fecal incontinence, obstructed defecation and inflammation in the intestine. There are signs that tell us when it would be appropriate to do this treatment or at least to consider the idea, for example when you feel the following symptoms: swelling and / or abdominal pain, meteorism, alterations of the hive, need for effort during defecation, sense of incomplete evacuation or urgency.

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