Cost per hour gardener

Cost per hour gardener

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Cost gardener, an item that enters the household budget of those who have a house with a bit of greenery, little or a lot of it, or in that of a condominium that still has to keep your own "garden", if it does, around it. It is difficult to understand how much a gardening work, whether to evaluate it on an hourly basis or with goals achieved, and how

Here are some tips and numbers, also remembering that with the Green bonus foreseen in the Stability Law for 2018 there are some news for those who find themselves supporting, both as a private individual and as a “condominium of several private individuals”, the cost of gardener. In fact, there is the possibility of using one Irpef deduction of 36%, for a maximum cost of 5,000 euros. More details in the article dedicated to Green Bonus 2018.

As for the rates that you will find published in the rest of this article, we consulted some gardeners in different regions of our country and consulted the price list published by Assoverde, whom we thank for their cooperation.

Gardener cost for hedge trimming

Hedge trimming is really a boring and not trivial task. Yet it is important because a messy hedge, outside as well as inside the garden, immediately becomes one idea of ​​neglected garden. The dimensions of the hedge depend very much on the cases and on the types of intervention needed: thehourly cost for a gardener can start from12 euros but it can also exceed 30 EUR.

The price depends on the professionalism of the gardener (professional gardener employed by a specialized company or simple "gardening enthusiast with more or less proven experience" with VAT number) and cost of living in the area in which you are located but also and above all by many aspects technicians that thegardening firms evaluate in the field.

Under the national contract, the labor cost of a gardening professional however, it should vary from 18 to 35 Euros per hour.

Cost per hour gardener

Beyond the hedge and other ad hoc interventions that we may need once and for all, we often turn to a specialist to give a general arrangement, especially if we don't have a tiny garden or if there are particular plants.

It may happen that the gardener arrives with an apprentice, or with an expert if we are asking him for a particular intervention perhaps for a certain plant or a problem that has arisen. Even fertilizing or disinfestation may require extra strength. The preparation of the person who works alongside our usual gardener certainly does vary the rates.

Providing a rough cost without examining individual situations can therefore be "risky and misleading" and could penalize sector operators who are concerned with offering a "state of the art" service, obviously by issuing a regular invoice or receipt and using only skilled labor and regularly framed in sector contracts.

Assoverde (Italian Association of Green Builders): mission and reference prices

Assoverde is the association that brings together professionals who offer services related to the maintenance and management of greenery, combining experience with the technologies of the most modern equipment.

The purpose of the association is to promote the protection of the environment, the landscape and the soil by coordinating the works of the associated companies. The Association also aims to bring to the attention of all operators in the sector, from companies to designers, from the political and technical authorities of state, regional, provincial and municipal bodies, to the management and offices of all large and small clients. , public and private, the need for a qualification of the sector, facilitating the identification of a perfect specialist for every need related to greenery.

Among the important contributions to the Assoverde sector we point out the price list dedicated to regulating a reference price for each activity related to gardening and works related to parks, gardens and other green spaces.

It is possible to purchase the price list in paper format with a contribution of 30 euros or request a copy in electronic format for 20 euros, as indicated on the appropriate page of the official website.

Each item is proposed in an extremely detailed way as you can see from the example below where you can read the prices for some interventions on the hedges:

The latest edition of the Assoverde price list consists of over 280 pages and includes, in addition to prices, interesting information, notes and tables that are extremely useful for sector operators.

Gardener cost per lawn

Perhaps more than cutting the hedges, that of the lawn can become a nightmare. The nightmare of Sunday. Few are those who have fun, it is also quite hard work in the long run even if today there are machinery which help a lot, a few decades ago it was really one condemnation.

In this context, a fee is sometimes agreed per square meter, of an extremely variable amount in relation to the characteristics of the land (from 12 euros to over 25 euros per square meter).

Gardener cost per square meter

Thecost of a gardener "Per square meters" is difficult to evaluate as it is necessary to take into account several factors that directly impact on the necessary equipment and on the time to devote.

As always, the level of experience of the gardener and the region / area of ​​Italy in which the service must be provided will also impact on the remuneration. For the maintenance of particular plants, for example, the intervention of "tree climbing" specialists may be necessary, capable of literally "climbing" the plants to perform the maintenance. It is clear that in these cases the costs rise rapidly.

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