How to clean and fillet carp

How to clean and fillet carp

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How to clean and fillet carp: advice on how to clean carp and how to cook the fillets obtained.

How to clean a carp

Therecarpit's afreshwater fish, on the market there are from 3 to 35 kg. It has particularly fatty meats and a characteristic taste that not everyone is able to appreciate.

How to cook carp?Precisely because of its flavor, thecarpit is often cooked in sweet and sour or stewed, enriched with spices and other flavors. Before I give you some advice onhow to cook carpand see how to fillet this fish, let's start with its preliminary preparation:how do you clean a carp?

First the gory news: if you are a fisherman you must know that carp can die of asphyxiation or with a sharp cut of the head at the height of the gill area. The cut must be clean otherwise the heart begins to supply blood and the meat becomes less appetizing. This means that the cut of the garment must take place in a maximum time of 3 seconds.

How to clean a carp?

  • Remove the head and set it aside for any broth.
  • The carp should be sectioned in the ventral area to remove the entrails.
  • Cut the ventral and dorsal fins leaving only the "tail".

How to cut carp?
For the recipe of fried carp, soup or roasted carp, generally you get transverse slices in order to obtain steaks that still retain the spine. If the carp is small, once cleaned as described above, you will simply have to cook it without getting the steaks.

Secondly it involves removing the spine of the fish, basically you will have tofillet the carp. Carp fillets can be prepared stewed, to make an excellent fish parmigiana (yes, fish, tomato and eggplant!) Or other recipes.

How to fillet carp

Once clean (so after removing the head, dorsal and ventral fins and innards) you canfilletthis freshwater fish using a special knife.

Why is the knife important? To remove the fish you need a knife with a thin and above all flexible blade. Don't think you have to spend a fortune on a fish knife! Of course, on the market there are chef's knives with Japanese or German steel blades that exceed 100 euros, but for you who have to limit yourself to cooking for friends and family, a simple knife that is sufficiently flexible and well made is enough.

A fish fillet knife with an excellent quality / price ratio can be bought on Amazon at a price of € 7.89 with free shipping. For all information, I invite you to visit “this Amazon page“. I tried the knife myself and I must say that for the purchase price it returns a yield and a quality of the blade equal to many knives for fillet much more expensive and noble.

Please note: I want to clarify that our website has no connection with the manufacturer, so feel free to choose the knife you prefer! :) Mine is just a piece of advice related to personal experiences, since I found myself spending a lot of money for a very special and noble Japanese knife that I didn't know how to appreciate (it was often sharpened and the blade was less flexible).

With the right knife everything is easier. If not, you can try with a thin knife in terms of both width and thickness. Wash the fish well and begin to fillet the carp by accompanying the knife from the upper part (dorsal area) to the lower part (ventral area). Basically you will have to cut the fish lengthwise.

Fillet the carpit's easy as this fish has very double bones and easier to manage.

How to cook carp fillets

Once filleted, icarp filletsYes they canto fry, fried carp is very popular: just bread the fillets and fry them.

If the carp fillets are very double because you were lucky enough to find a very large specimen, I suggest you cut them into a book and enrich them with a brush of butter and a few drops of lemon. In this way the meats will become softer and more fragrant. You can also flavor the fillets with flavors of your choice (chives, parsley, garlic, onion ...) and moisten it, as an alternative to lemon (not everyone likes that acidic touch of citrus) with orange juice or classic white wine.

Note: carp meat is very digestible and rich in vitamin A, but there is a big difference in flavor between farmed carp and fishing carp. Fishing carp feed on the seabed and have a stronger flavor of the meat. If yours is a fishing carp, feel free to leave it on for an hour covered with citrus slices (if you want to make it stewed or sweet and sour), the strong flavor will be slightly blunt!

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