Activated carbon: what it is for

Activated carbon: what it is for

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Activated carbon: what it is for? We analyze the uses of activated carbon and when they are really useful in the marine or freshwater aquarium. Where to put it, doses and when to change it.

Activated carbon, what is it

TheActivated carbonit is a materialhighly porous, is mainly composed ofamorphous carbonand can boast a high surface / volume ratio: it is precisely for this characteristic that theActivated carbon, in different degrees of purity, it can find many uses.

Activated carbon: what it is for

His use it is related to the type of use. In any case, theactivated carbon servestoabsorbdifferent substances. In particular, iactivated carbonthey can have pores with different diameters and according to their size different uses can be obtained.

To understand the absorbent power of activated carbon, you can think that one gram of this material has an absorbent surface equivalent to that of a football field, the pores can be up to a diameter of less than 2 nanometers!

What is it for?

  • It is used in the food industry as a bleaching agent (it absorbs the natural pigmentations of some foods).
  • It is used to absorb toxins in case of poisoning.
  • It is used in aqueducts for water treatment.
  • For the recovery of solvents.
  • As a support for catalysts.
  • For air treatment.
  • For maintaining the water in the aquarium.

As a natural remedy is used thecharcoal, also known for its absorbent properties.

Aquarium activated carbon: where to put it?

Activated carbon should be put in the filter in the case of a freshwater aquarium or marine aquarium without a sump. In case of sump, you can put them directly in the tray intended for any resins.

Can activated carbon be put directly in the tank?
Before putting theactivated carbon, these should be rinsed thoroughly in running water to prevent them from numbing the water. It is not recommended to put it directly in the tank because it would make little sense: the activated carbon must be placed in the filter or in the sump, that is, in places where there is a constant change of water.

Activated carbon in the aquarium: yes or no?

There is a strong debate among the aquarist population:activated carbon yes or no in the aquarium?The answer cannot be universal because everything depends on the management of the tank, fifth who will tell you "yes ... put the activated carbon" or will say "no, better not to use activated carbon ..." will be giving you, in both cases, information wrong.

When to use activated carbon?
In a universal way I can tell you that the use of activated carbon in the aquarium it is important for the elimination of antibiotics and fungicides if you have performed a treatment to eliminate planaria or aiptasias, if you have used an unsafe coral glue (such as milliput) ... or activated carbon they must be kept as a precaution in those tanks with particular fish such as the Ostracion Cubicuso (yellow boxfish) and the Lactoria cornuta (polka dot boxfish); the activated carbon they are also useful in the management of the anemone in the aquarium.

Returning to the dilemma:activated carbon yes or no?Only you can answer because only you know how you manage the tank. For example, if you don't have a skimmer, you should always keep a sock with in the sump or filter activated carbon. If, on the other hand, you have a skimmer ... someone may have advised you against the use of this substance.

THEactivated carbonthey absorb any substance, including nutrients useful to corals.

It is for this reason that many advise against the use of activated carbon... but in reality, only you know the organic load you give to your tank! If, for example, you feed corals several times a week ... or you have a very small and overcrowded tank ... activated carbon becomes excellent allies. If, on the other hand, you have a very balanced tank and you provide little coral food, then it is right not to put activated carbon. THEcoralsthey take most of their energy from light, through photosynthesis. If you have excellent lamps, in theory, corals can sustain themselves thanks to photosynthesis. A well balanced tank with little organic load can easily do without activated carbon.

Activated carbon: when to change it

Also theredurationgodsactivated carbondepends on the management of the aquarium. If you load too much, the activated carbon will tend to become saturated quickly. A monthly change is generally recommended, but this is very indicative and without any basis! It all depends on the management of the tank.

TheCan activated carbon be reused / regenerated?
No, unless you have an oven capable of reaching temperatures between 900 and 2000 ° C, no, you cannot regenerate it, much less reuse it.

The above applies to both a freshwater aquarium and a marine aquarium, in fact this material is useful in the management of both small artificial ecological niches.

The dosage depends on the absorbent capacity of the activated carbon purchased and the volume of the tank. I advise you to always exceed what is prescribed by the manufacturer.

Where to buy activated carbon for fresh or marine aquarium? On "this Amazon page" you will find several proposals.

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