Weekend in Bressanone among the trees

Weekend in Bressanone among the trees

A real "weekend in the trees " is what I spent last week at Bressanone, guest of the brand new MyArbor, a 4-star superior hotel located in the woods of Sant’Andrea di Bressanone, where all rooms have a spectacular view of the Valle Isarco which you can appreciate from the opening photo of my article.

The MyArbor structure was partly built as a "pile dwelling" to offer guests the feeling of being suspended in the midst of greenery and nature, so much so that they can hear the song of the birds that build their nests in the trees a few meters from the bedroom windows .

The trees are the central theme right from the entrance to the reception where the counter has been made from a centuries-old tree and the chandeliers are made up of tree trunks inside which the lights have been inserted.

All the spaces have been built to privilege the natural light that filters through spectacular windows that offer a view of the meadows and woods that surround the hotel.

The goal of My Arbor is to reconnect guests with nature, rediscovering their natural rhythms, immersed in the tranquility of nature and the spaces of the structure dedicated to well-being.

There Arboris Spa is a real paradise in which every detail has been created to regenerate the body and mind: 2,500 square meters where there is ample space for saunas of different types, a Turkish bath, a large heated swimming pool (half inside and half outside). 'outside) with whirlpool, a jacuzzi located right at the foot of the trees, relaxation areas with loungers and an area dedicated to massages and other treatments offered by the qualified staff.

L'tree is the soul of wellness treatments: through the combination and properties of the different types of South Tyrolean trees, treatments have been "created" aimed at reconciling the body, spirit and soul. The tree types chosen are: the larch from the purifying property, which means clarity and letting go, the Swiss pine which acts as a calming and ensures a peaceful sleep, the mountain pine which strengthens both the body and the mind and strengthens the resistance and the immune system, thespruce which symbolizes solidity, and gives inner peace by helping to feel pure and free.

On the occasion of my visit, the two areas that most relaxed me were the Bio Sauna and the hydromassage area located outside with a view of the Isarco Valley: perfect for relaxing after the sports activities I have dedicated myself to and about which I will write to you in short. :-)

Sports activities proposed by My Arbor

The My Arbor hotel is located within the Plose area, the mountain just 7 km from the center of Bressanone that offers countless opportunities for sports in every season.

In winter, you can try your hand at skiing along the famous "Trametsch" slope which, with its 9 km, is the longest downhill run in South Tyrol. Obviously without forgetting, between one descent and the next, a stop in the typical alpine huts where you can taste authentic South Tyrolean products.

The rest of the year, when the snow melts and leaves room for the green of the meadows, you can enjoy walks in the woods and mountain bike excursions along the excellent tracks created to meet the needs of all types of cyclists. The less trained can also use pedal assisted bicycles to climb hills without tiring too much.

Those who follow me on IdeeGreen and on Social Networks know that one of my passions is running so I immediately immersed myself in the woods of the Plose for a fantastic run among the trees, accompanied only by the chirping of birds and the rhythm of my breathing.

Here is the short live video I shot during mine race among the trees of the forest located right in front of My Arbor ...

Back from running, before dedicating myself to the pleasures of the Arboris Spa, I decided to complete my training by taking advantage of the ultra-modern weight room with Technogym equipment and above all of the revolutionary training methodology with a personal trainer that uses technology Wav-e.

It is an advanced system of muscle electrostimulation (EMS), which allows you to strengthen, develop and tone each single muscle group in a targeted way, with a workout of just 20 minutes. Wav-e is also perfect for reducing fat mass and cellulite, helping to speed up metabolism and improve joint flexibility and motor coordination.

Before starting the workout, it is necessary to wear a special suit that contains electrodes located inside the different muscle groups. The personal coach will thus be able to select the level of intensity and the training focus points by setting customized parameters for each subject, using the Wav-e digital control panel.

Some phases of my training with Wav-e at My Arbor

It was the first time I tried this type of training and I must say that I found it stimulating and effective!

The food proposed at My Arbor: natural and… served at your own pace

In my philosophy of life, food is a fundamental component. I like to eat only quality products and as much “natural” as possible, without however giving up some “gluttony” and I like to feed myself according to MY rhythms without being influenced by set times. With great pleasure at My Arbor I was able to 100% satisfy my wishes in the culinary field! :-)

In fact, breakfast is available until noon, leaving guests the maximum freedom on timetables: enjoying the delights of the kitchen in the early morning or after a good run or a first swim in the pool.

… For example, here is a shot of some of the delights that I indulged in for breakfast at My Arbor: brioche, raspberry jam, strawberries and "a touch of hazelnut cream"! Inviting, isn't it? :-)

The customization continues in lunches and dinners, both for times and for the choice of dishes, obviously without forgetting thepay attention to wines where the two sommeliers Renate Huber and Stefanie Hinteregger will be at your disposal to advise you on the best combinations and satisfy your requests.

The area where My Arbor is located: Bressanone, the Isarco Valley and the Abbey of Novacella

Bressanone, located a few kilometers from My Arbor, represents the perfect symbiosis between the charm of the oldest city in Tyrol and the Plose, its mountain.

Art, culture and history characterize the historic center of Bressanone, which has always been a destination for emperors as well as a sumptuous episcopal city. Legend has it that even the elephant Soliman, in 1552, stopped in Bressanone for two weeks during his journey to Vienna.

The unique Piazza Duomo, the large medieval historic center, the arcades and the picturesque alleys invite you to take an evocative journey through time. The numerous cafes, excellent restaurants, exclusive shops and many cultural events make Bressanone the ideal destination for a special weekend away from the hectic pace of the cities.

Among the special and most fascinating places, I also point out theabbey of Novacella, located just 3 km from the center of Bressanone and founded in 1142 by Bishop Hartmann.

On the occasion of my last visit, I was finally able to find the time to visit the incredible librarywith its 90,000 ancient volumes and its large Rococo-style hall that I immortalized in this shot of mine ...

Some of the ancient books are exhibited to the public and among the many photos I took I propose this one that portrays a volume that is truly admirable in my opinion:

Viticulture has been practiced in the area surrounding the Abbey of Novacella since 1142, the year the monastic complex was founded, and even today you can enjoy wines produced with sustainable cultivation methods and with a CO2 neutral production cycle.

The wines of Novacella are distinguished by their great character and high quality, following the philosophy "better little, but good". The quality remains constant over time, showing for each vintage the peculiar characteristics that distinguish it.

During your visit to theAbbey I advise you not to miss a guided tasting so that you can choose what to buy only after trying it.

Do not miss the guided tour of the vineyards and of course the basilica and cloister.

The vineyards and the abbey of Novacella

I conclude this article by pointing out the three official websites on which to find more information to plan your visit and spend at least a weekend in Bressanone and at My Arbor and, possibly, an even longer stay:

  • My Arbor Hotel:
  • Novacella Abbey:
  • Official site of Bressanone:

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