Glucose syrup, all the information

Glucose syrup, all the information

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Glucose syrup: how to use it, what it is for and where it is. From the composition to the impact on health (is it bad?). Where to buy it, how to prepare it at home and everything you should know about its uses.

Glucose syrup: what it is

Theglucose syrupit is generally obtained from the hydrolysis of corn or potato starch. It can also be produced from wheat, barley, rice or cassava. It contains a large percentage of glucose - simple sugar - but the glucose syrups used in confectionery can contain variable percentages of glucose, maltose and other oligosaccharides.

Glucose syrup: what it is for

It is used to sweeten foods, to soften, adjust the consistency or increase the volume of candies and other confectionery products. In short, glucose syrup is a bit ofwild card of the food industry!

Glucose syrup: how to use it

Theglucose syrupit is widely used in pastry and also in DIY preparations. It can be useful for making toffee at home, chocolate toffee or for cake decorations. For recipes that explain how to use glucose syrup, I invite you to read the individual pages:

  • Chocolate toffee candies
  • Roses with sugar paste
  • How to make sugar paste

Glucose syrup: where to buy it

For the purchase of the glucose syrupyou can go to specialized pastry and confectionery shops or take advantage of online sales (Amazon, eBay and other small ecommerce). For example, on Amazon, a 500g jar of glucose syrup you buy at the price of 9.90 euros with free shipping.

For all the info, I refer you to "this Amazon page", it is a product for professional use, even if a more "anonymous" brand. On the market there is no lack of glucose syrup from Cameo, Ambrosio or more well-known brands, which can be bought at higher prices but, from direct experience, I can tell you that glucose syrup that I have indicated to you is very good, both for consistency and purity.

Glucose syrup: it hurts

Is glucose syrup bad for you? It is undeniable that, like all simple sugars, it too glucose syrup it triggers a glycemic spike and its continued use can cause obesity, overweight and metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

Glucose, like other simple sugars, are not bad in themselves but can be harmful if used excessively.

Is glucose syrup carcinogenic? No. Currently, when it comes to the consumption of sugars, the same AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research) states:

it is reasonable to limit the consumption of sugars from any source (including vegetables), but it is not reasonable to eliminate them completely or, worse, to believe that there are "natural" sugars and therefore safer than others ".

Of course, there are "sweeteners" that sweeten foods without adding simple sugars (such as glucose, fructose, maltose ...) or which contain complex sugars (which are equally bad, such as lactose and sucrose). For example, stevia can sweeten coffee without causing any spike in glucose in our body because it does not contain sugar! However, if it is necessary to prepare a dessert, natural sweeteners (attention, we are talking about sweeteners and not sugars) do not give the desired consistency or can alter their flavor by reaching high temperatures.

Glucose syrup: recipe

How to make homemade glucose syrup?The recipe is simple even if you risk getting a product that is more difficult to work with than theliquid glucosethat you find on the market, however, trying doesn't hurt, especially if it ishomemade glucose syrupit is used immediately after preparation, in order to keep it more stable in the recipe for which it is intended.

The ingredients are simple: 300 g of sugar, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 150 ml of water. Just combine the ingredients in a saucepan over low heat, stir continuously until the sugar is completely dissolved. From this point, always on low heat, you will need to thicken the mixture by letting it simmer slightly for 10 minutes.

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