Pimples, natural remedies

Pimples, natural remedies

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Pimples, natural remedies to eliminate themdefinitively. How to get rid of pimples and prevent them from appearing with natural ingredients and the most effective products.

How to hide pimples with make up

You want to know how to cover pimples using specific products, concealers and covering patches? Despite the many products to cover pimples on the market, our advice remains that of"Let the skin breathe". Many make the mistake of cover pimples using foundation or concealers, but this is wrong: pimples must be fought at the base. THE pimples they are the manifestation of skin inflammation. Let's see in detail which ones natural remedies adopt for fight pimples.

Pimples, natural remedies

In this guide you will find some grandmother's remedies or natural remedies effective against pimples, the cause of discomfort, skin inflammation and minor pains. We will start fromgrandmother's remediessimpler, such as the use of lemon and natural ingredients that are easy to find. Those with combination or oily skin caneliminate pimplesusing specific sulfur-based soaps.

How to get rid of pimples with lemon

Lemon has a strong ability to cleanse the skin and at the same time shrink pores by disinfecting them. It has tonic and astringent properties and, used in moderation, on the one hand it can fight pimples and on the other prevent their appearance.

For application, just prepare compresses with its juice: place make-up remover pads soaked in lemon juice on the areas affected by the pimples and leave for 15 minutes. This operation must be done before going to sleep: lemon sensitizes the skin and therefore in contact with the sun's rays could create greater discomfort. Implement this remedy for pimples before going to bed but be careful, if you have particularly dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin, this natural remedy it could be contraindicated.

Pimples, natural remedies with the mustard

Mustard contains natural salicylic acid, an essential component for the treatment of pimples and also contains vitamin C, zinc and omega 3 and 6, all perfect for enriching our skin. For application, just prepare a decoction with mustard seeds. The decoction should be applied with a compress for at least 30 minutes.

How to fight pimples with egg white

To strengthen the effect of the egg white, first dab the pimples with lemon juice, leave on for ten minutes and then with your finger put a few drops of egg white on top, which will act as a protective patina. You can let it work for an hour, then rinse.

Pimples, natural remedies based on garlic

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, garlic is effective against pimples: just rub half of a clove on the inflamed areas for a few minutes. Let it act overnight and wash your face well in the morning.

How to cure pimples with tomato juice

Tomato juice has tonic, astringent and mildly disinfectant properties. This remedy, like lemon, is contraindicated in case of particularly dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. It not only helps you treat pimples but also heals the breasts left behind by old inflammation. Have old pimples left scars on you? Among the natural remedies, we find tomato juice, a food rich in antioxidants. For application, just rub its inner part on the area to be treated once or twice a day.

Sulfur to eliminate acne and pimples

Thesulfurhas multiple therapeutic properties, disinfects, detoxifies and works as a powerful anti-inflammatory for the skin, perfect in case of pimplesand related redness. It is able to solve various skin disorders, not only can itcure pimplesbut it can also relieve psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, acne and eliminate blackheads.

Sixnatural remedies for pimplesseen so far they can be easily found at home, the same cannot be said for sulfur! You have to buy this at the pharmacy by choosing soaps enriched with this element: when buying, pay close attention to concentration. Some sulfur detergents and soaps contain less than 1% of this element.

On Amazon or in the most well-stocked stores, the most common sulfur soaps are those produced by Mantovani, Provenzali or Saugella which supplies a line of liquid sulfur soap.

Among the various sulfur-based soaps for eliminate pimples I would like to point out a very concentrated one. What makes the difference, in fact, is the amount of sulfur contained in the soap, the Mantuan line contains low percentages therefore more suitable for those with mixed skin.

The soap I mention is of an "anonymous brand" but has a high concentration of sulfur, useful for treat psoriasis of the skin and scalp. On Amazon it can be bought with € 8.99. You can find all the information at "This Amazon page"

Feel free to choose the soap you prefer, on Amazon there is no lack of Saugella, Provenzali, Mantovani or liquid sulfur soap ... I recommend that you always read the reviews before purchasing any product!

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