Musical psychoacoustics

Musical psychoacoustics

Psychoacoustics, is not a publicity stunt or the name of a rookie's album but that of one of the numerous disciplines related to acoustics that affect in the application of theoretical principles and in the concrete and daily sound signal processing that we can all hear.

It is enough to make a local mind moment to realize that the sound is perceived by a human being very differently from case to case, from place to place, from person to person. If from a scientific point of view we see the sound composed of pressure waves that propagate through the air, and we can measure it, on the other hand it is important to take into account what psychoacoustics suggests. Let's see what it is.

Musical psychoacoustics

One of the fields in which the psychoacoustics can give satisfaction even to those who are not an expert is the musical one. Both in the composition phase and in the execution phase, knowing some notion of psychoacoustics can change your life. There are musicians who study on purpose for later exploit what has been learned and experience new sound horizons.

However, there are other sectors in which the psychoacoustics it makes less noise, but it serves. We find it applied in computer engineering, in acoustic engineering, in defense sector, even: think of acoustic weapons that can cause injury or death. Terrible, but someone has certainly thought about it! Returning to calmer contexts, psychoacoustics comesapplied daily in education, in medicine and marketing.

Psychoacoustics: definition

It has to do with acoustics and psychology, to be exact, this discipline deals with the study of the subjective human perception of sounds or, if it is clearer, of study of the psychology of acoustic perception. It is assumed that what "you hear" it is not just a physiological consequence linked to the conformation of our ear, but it also has psychological implications.

Psychoacoustics and acoustics

Psychoacoustics is based on acoustics, it is clear that it is fundamental know how sound is made and how it propagates and then goes on to investigate the reactions it causes in each human being. The sound, sound waves, they come "Converted" into thoughts but they are first of all a continuous analog signal that carries with it an infinite number of information.

On the one hand it is important to know what the sound is objectively, with acoustics, and how it is understood by man, with psychoacoustics, for the analysis and design of tools and acoustic equipment, certainly not the ones they produce ultrasound for dogs and mice

Psychoacoustics: books

What our ear hears". A great book that tells the royals well usefulness of psychoacoustics so that it doesn't seem an esoteric discipline but useful, concrete and very interesting. This reading is a journey into the fascinating world of sound, your guide will be the author Andrea Di Giovanni, the book can be purchased conveniently on Amazon for 15 euros.

Psychoacoustics: university

In the university the psychoacoustics it is studied marginally in various faculties, certainly the one in which it can have a role of greater importance is acoustic engineering. This branch is dedicated to applications concerning the production, transmission, recording and reproduction of sound through mechanical, electronic or computer devices.

The other subjects covered are acoustic physics, physiological acoustics, musical acoustics and l'Architectural acoustics and sound engineering. With the degree in sound engineer one becomes an expert in the manipulation and in the techniques of analysis and synthesis of audio signals.

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