How to repot succulents

How to repot succulents

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How to repot succulents: tips for arepottingsafe (soil, pot size, period, how to repot succulents without getting pricked…) and instructions for creating beautiful pot succulents compositions.

The fat plants, famous for their particular shape, they represent a valid choice for embellishing and decorating the interiors. Even those who love gardening on the balcony, can resort to the wonderful fat plants given that they do not require particular cultural care and some, they are also resistant to cold.

It should be noted that like all plants, even the fat plants they need a periodical repottingTransfer the plantsit is necessary to give them the opportunity to grow and develop a root system in proportion to the aerial part. Let's see in detail how to decant succulents, following our instructions.

When to repot succulents

The repotting it is an important operation, if the fat plants they are purchased in tiny plastic garden pots, you can proceed immediately to the first repotting and then, subsequently, every 2 years.

Repotting succulents, period

The period best for repotting succulents? In early spring or autumn, after fertilizing with a potassium-based fertilizer, especially for potted plants that will remain outside on the balcony of the house. For further information: how to protect succulents from the cold.

How to repot succulents

At the time of repotting, make sure that the new container is in proportion to the size of the specimen in question, paying particular attention to those species whose roots tend to go very deep.

In addition to plastic garden pots, earthenware ones are also suitable, the only problem that could arise is that the root system of the plant can be anchored to the walls of the pot, making it necessary to tear them off the next repotting.

Another important aspect to consider at the time of repotting is the choice of the substrate: to make it well drained it will be necessary to modify the composition of the soil with materials such as sand, large stones and pozzolana. On the market it is possible to buy specific soils for succulent plants, we advise you to buy this substrate.

Where to buy aspecific substrate for succulent plants? In garden centers or taking advantage of online shopping. At “this Amazon page” you can find several proposals for specific formulations forcactus and succulents.

Substrate, fertilizer and irrigation

Thesubstrate for succulentsit consists largely of acid peat. Succulent plants, in fact, are acidophilic species, so you should avoid irrigating them with tap water if you have limescale problems in the pipes. The limestone contained in the water dramatically raises the pH of the soil making it basic.

Conversely, succulents want acidic soil. For this reason it is also necessary to choose specific fertilizers and you cannot administer the classic universal fertilizers.

How to repot succulents without pricking yourself

Here how to repot succulents.

  1. Pour the specific soil into the bottom of the new container.
  2. Mix the earth with a good fertilizer for succulents, the specific fertilizers are low in nitrogen.
  3. Remove, as delicately as possible, the succulent plant from the old house and watch out for the thorns.
  4. Cut the roots too long or dry with a disinfected blade or sterile pair of scissors.
  5. Place the species in the new jar, covering with more soil but without pressing too much. The ground must be compact but not pressed or asphyxiated.
  6. Then wait a week to water the plants so that the roots can adapt.
  7. If necessary, after watering, add more soil.

Well, and how to repot succulents without pricking yourself? Wearing a pair of specific gloves and trying to minimize contact with the plant! How to limit contact with the plant? Using cactus-specific pliers. On the market there are kits for repotting succulent plants consisting of special pliers and gloves.

On Amazon, a kit consisting of pliers and special pots for repotting succulents can be bought at a price of 19.95 euros. Only the clamp costs 9.90 euros but for larger succulents, only the clamp is not enough. For all information on the kit mentioned, I refer you tothis Amazon pagededicated to the product.

Kits are also very useful for creating, in complete safety andwithout being pricked, of the splendid compositions of several plants in the same pot.

Compositions of succulents in pots

For thecompositions of potted fat plantsthere are two action strategies.

The first is to choose many succulents of the same size. It is ideal when the pot must be placed at ground level or on a low table, where the observer looks from above.

The second composition involves the use of succulent plants of different sizes. The smaller ones must be placed in the first row and, close to it, two layers of succulent plants that are scalar higher. The difference in height does not necessarily have to be linear, you can create more evident offsets to bring out the beauty of a particularly beautiful succulent plant, perhaps a taller cactus to be placed centrally ... It's just up to your taste.

The compositions with staggered heights are very elegant and can be placed both on lower tables and on high shelves.

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