Alabaster, properties and information

Alabaster, properties and information

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Alabaster, properties and all information on this material. Uses, processing, cost and colors. Alabaster white, black and its marble effect.

When we talk aboutalabasterwe must not confuse with another stone, limestone alabaster which, in reality, is onyx.

With the termalabaster, in fact, reference is also commonly made to oriental alabaster which would be better defined asalabaster onyx, a very particular type of variegated onyx that also recalls agate.

The actual alabaster is of chalky origin. On this page we are not talking about alabaster onyx. Let's talk about alabaster properly said, that softer material than the marble which made it popularVolterra.

Alabaster, what is it

Alabasteris the name given to a type of rock of chalky or calcitic origin, so we talk abouthydrated calcium sulphateorcalcium carbonate.

L'alabaster, for its molecular geometry, it is distinguished from other rocks of chalky and calcitic origin (such as selenite stone and desert rose ...) for its waxy appearance and reminiscent of that ofmarble.

Alabaster or marble

Unlike marble, alabaster is much easier to work with, more "tender" and for this reason it is suitable for the creation of small artifacts, so as to reproduce, on a reduced scale, ornamental motifs rich in details.

White alabaster

L'alabastermost common iscoloryellow-brown, the color is dictated by the presence ofiron oxides. There is no shortage of light yellow or even greenish varieties. L'white alabasterit is among the finest forms and is one of the flagships of Italy.

According to some scholars, the pyramids of Giza were originally covered entirely withalabaster of white color, so that it can reflect the moonlight at night.

Alabaster of Volterra

In Italy, thealabaster of Volterraas well as that of Castellina Marittima. The alabaster of Volterra is of the chalky type, formed in the Miocene, following a process of sedimentation and concentration of the calcium sulphate contained in marine waters.

Black alabaster or gray alabaster

In reality, black alabaster is dark gray and can tend to brownish. It is characterized by a very striated conformation. Oriental alabaster (alabaster onyx) can also be black, but in this context it is better to talk aboutblack onyx.

Alabaster, property

Its uses date back to ancient Egypt, Crete and Mycenae. Initially it was considered a precious material so much that it was used in the cult of the dead (for the production of urns, sarcophagi, funeral vessels). Later it was used for the production of costume jewelery and polished plates for the production of coatings. L'alabaster of Volterra, today, it is still used for this particular type of craftsmanship.

Alabaster, cost

The cost of alabaster is mainly linked to the processing of stone. A slab ofalabaster of Volterra, expertly crafted, will undoubtedly have a higher price than the same amount of raw alabaster, taken from the mine! The cost of alabaster is not so much commensurate with the raw material as with related processing. Many collectible pens, lined with alabaster, have high costs.

Alabaster, property

Like anyStone, me too'alabasteris employed incrystal therapyand in several oriental cultures.

L'alabasterhe would have the faculty to accentuate the psychic and oratory faculties. Open your mind, clarify and above all improve openness to others. An alabaster object would be able to enhance the expression capacity of the wearer. It would help to create clearer boundaries between the self and the outside world so as to make it more resistant to destructive criticism from others.

They are not missing propertyexercised on a physical level: alabaster would help to relax contracted muscles, improve body sensitivity and release tension so as to have benefits on the whole body, including migraines and dental pains related to bruxism.

It is associated with the zodiac signs of taurus and libra.

Alabaster, chemical formula

After seeing the properties in crystal therapy, here is the formula of alabaster, hydrated calcium sulphate: Ca [SO4] 2H.2OR.

Alabaster, physical properties

Not everyone is fascinated by crystal therapy. Here, then, are the physical properties of this stone.

  • Transparency: translucent, opaque,
  • Crystalline system: monoclinic
  • Hardness: 2
  • Density: 2.30 - 2.33
  • Build: grainy, irregular
  • Color: white, brown, gray, yellow, pink, greenish ...
  • Shine: silky, matte

In the photo above, a craft shop ofAlabaster of Volterra.

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