Hamamelis, plant and its cultivation

Hamamelis, plant and its cultivation

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Hamamelis, plantand its cultivation. How to grow witch hazel in pots or in the garden. Useful tips and features of the plant.

L'Witch hazelit's aplantwinter flowering, very decorative and can be grown in pots or in the garden.

Hamamelis, plant

The genreHamamelis belongs to the family ofHamamelidaceae and is made up of only six species. They are allplantsshrubby, deciduous (in autumn the leaves fall to make room forfloweringwinter).

L'witch hazelit is native to the woods and river banks of East Asia and North America.

Hamamelis plant: among its botanical characteristics we mention the ability of this plant to present both iflowersof the current year, and the fruits of the previous vegetative cycle. The reason? The fruits of witch hazel take a long time to ripen, so much so that they remain on the plant until the next flowering.

Indescription of the plantofHamamelis, we can say that all six species, in nature, are shrubs but over time varieties with arboreal habit have been selected.

Hercultivationit is also possiblein pot. Of its species we point out:hamamelis virginianahamamelis haponicahamamelis vernalisishamamelis mollis. There is no lack of varieties or hybrids selected in nurseries, the most popular variety is the witch hazel x intermedia.

Hamamelis virginiana, plant

It is native to North America and Canada. It is characterized by its ownflowersyellow that open in autumn, before the leaves fall.

If you have a shady area and you wantcultivate the witch hazel, this is the only suitable species. It is also thewitch hazelmore resistant to cold even if thecultivationit is not so immediate. Growth is very slow, so much so that it takes 15 - 20 years for them to reach 3 meters in height.

Hamamelis Japonica, plant

It is originally from Japan, as its scientific name suggestsH. Japonica. THEyellow flowersthey have a faint scent. Therefloweringruns from January to March. The leaves turn from green to orange - yellow and are very ornamental. Of this species there are varieties with an arboreal pattern that reach nine meters in height. It cangrow in potsreaching heights between 200 and 250 cm.

Hamamelis Vernalis, plant

It is the native species of North America, it produces flowers around January. The flowers are orange and very ruffled. It has a more compact habit than other species and reaches a maximum height of 2 meters. It lends itself well to being grown on the banks of the garden pond, in fact, in nature, it grows spontaneously along the streams.

Hamamelis mollis, plant

It is originally from central China. Among the species ofamamalideis the one fromfloweringmore fragrant. The flowers are dark yellow, with red petals at the base. The flowers are gathered in clusters. This species, if well kept, can reach a height of between 250 and 500 cm.

Hammamelis, cultivation

At the time of purchase, make sure that theplanthas a well enlarged base. The branches should be complete and not shortened evenly. The plant is a shrub and pruning must be carried out with great caution and only in order to eliminate dry and damaged twigs or to ventilate the stem of the plant.

How to grow witch hazel? First of all, it is a delicate plant, so handle it with care. The plant should be transplanted (repotting or planting in the garden) at the beginning of autumn. Better not to delay planting because the frozen ground would not favor the taking of the roots.

The soil must be fertile, rich in organic matter. The pH reaction must be neutral or subacid, so pay attention to irrigations too. Do not use tap water otherwise you risk causing diseases such as chlorosis.

The best soil has a sandy component. For this reason, if the soil is clayey, add sand, acidophilic soil, leaves, peat and mature manure.

How to plant the witch hazel? Dig a hole twice the size of the sod. At the bottom of the hole add a consistent layer of soil for acidophilic plants. In case ofcultivation of witch hazel in pots, on the bottom of the pot add a draining layer and above all use very soft soil.

Irrigate regularly and make sure you prepare a layer of at least 5 cm of coniferous bark, so as to keep the humidity in the soil constant and improve the acidity of the soil.

Hamamelis, properties and benefits

For the properties and benefits of witch hazel, for the use of its extracts in cosmetics and beauty creams, we refer you to the pageWitch hazel, benefits.

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