How to make peaches in syrup

How to make peaches in syrup

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How to make peaches in syrup:from the original recipe (without cooking) to the most common variations, including peaches in syrup without sugar. Tips for preparing a cheesecake with peaches in syrup.

Fruit is a healthy and very popular food especially because it can be an excellent dessert! Fruit, in fact, can be candied, stuffed, served with a chocolate fondue, cooked, canned... in short, with a little imagination it can become the perfect dessert to serve at the end of a meal. Speaking of which, here's one recipe which will enhance the flavor of a summer fruit, which allows us to be able to bring it to the table in any season, the peaches in syrup.

Does your garden abound with peaches? Here is the solution to enjoy and store them all year round. Let's see in detail how to make peaches in syrup following ours recipe step by step. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a vegetable garden, perhaps before preparing the recipe you will have to buy them. In this case, the only recommendation we make is to buypeaches organic, untreated and above all with a firm consistency.

Thepeachesfromsyrupthey must be ripe, yes, but never soft. Check the fruits and set aside those that have a not very firm surface.

For theoriginal recipe of peaches in syrupand then to preparepeaches in syrup without cooking(so nice hard and not soft), you can read the dedicated page:peaches in syrup.

How to make peaches in syrup, recipe

Here are the ingredients for therecipeof thehomemade peaches in syrup.

  • 3 kilos of ripe peaches
  • 2 kilos of sugar *
  • 3 liters of still water
  • Jars with sterilized airtight caps

* for the version ofpeaches in syrup without sugaryou can use maple syrup or stevia but in much smaller quantities.

Homemade peaches in syrup

When choosing peaches, favor the ripe ones but not too much, free from bruises. Then in case of doubtful origin, wash them with plenty of water, in which you have dissolved a hint of sodium bicarbonate.

How to make peaches in syrup

To the ingredients seen with thetraditional recipe, you can add cloves, anise stars, a vanilla bean… all to be added, at the end, in the jar.

  1. After having carefully washed the peaches, peel them then cut them in two, removing the stone
  2. Boil the water by adding the sugar
  3. When it boils, add the peaches and continue cooking for another 5 minutes over high heat
  4. Drain the peaches immediately afterwards and place them in the jars, covering them up to the cork with the cooking liquid
  5. Close the jars carefully, letting them boil for about 1 hour over medium / low heat. If you prefer thehard peaches in syrup, let it boil for only 15 minutes!
  6. Here are yours peaches in syrup ready to be consumed as a dessert at the end of lunch or dinner.

Storage: consume the peaches in syrup no later than 1 year and store in the pantry away from sources of heat or humidity.

Please note. If you prefer, for each jar, you can add half a cup of brandy.

Cheesecake with peaches in syrup without cooking

We offer you the recipe ofpeach cheesecake, a dessert that does not requirecooking and which comes best withpeaches in syrupboiled for a short time. Here are the ingredients to prepare this magnificentdessert with peaches in syrup.

For the base:

  • 220 g of dry biscuits typedigestive
  • 50 gr of peach jam
  • 100 gr of butter

For the cheesecake:

  • 250 ml of cream
  • 500 gr of mascarpone
  • 50 grams of powdered sugar
  • vanilla

For the finishing:

  • 400 gr of peaches in syrup

In this dessert with peaches in syrup we used cream and mascarpone, however the base can also be prepared with yogurt or soft cheese like Philadelphia. For the recipes, in these cases, we refer you to the dedicated pages:

  • How to make cheesecake with philadelphia
    The only variation is to cover the biscuit base with the peach jam and cover with thehomemade peaches in syrupcut into chunks.
  • Yogurt cheesecake recipe
    Also in this case it will be necessary to add peach jam to the biscuit base and replace the blueberry reduction withhomemade peaches in syrup.

Here's how to make cheesecake with canned peaches:

  • Prepare the base of thecheesecake with finely chopped biscuits. Mix them with the melted butter and jam, mix well and pour into a 24 cm diameter hinged mold.
  • Level the base well and put it in the fridge for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the filling.
  • Process the sugar, mascarpone and vanilla extract.
  • Whip the very firm cream and mix it with the mascarpone.
  • Pour the mixture (cream + mascarpone) on the biscuit base and cover with the homemade peaches in syrup.

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