DIY anemometer

DIY anemometer

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Anemometer it's a tool you needto measure the velocity of gases, usually of the wind, but it is not certain that it cannot be used for other air flows of which we are interested in detecting the total speed, or that on a particular plane, or of which we want to know the velocity component in a given direction.

Anemometer: meaning

For definition the anemometer is the instrument that measures the speed of gases, whether they are in a controlled flow, for example in a duct, or whether they have no "limits", as happens for the atmospheric wind. To get a precise, correct measurement to use for scientific purposes and non-amateur, the anemometer detects changes in the physical properties of the fluid or the effect that a fluid has on a mechanical device introduced into the flow.

Going then to examine the meaning of the term anemometer from a more literary point of view, derives from Greek words "anemos", wind and "metron", measure, this takes us back through the years, to the first mechanical anemometers, which appeared in the fifteenth century, for the most useful measure at that time, that of wind speed.

Anemometer: prices

There are several types of anemometers which, as imaginable, have very different prices because they provide more or less sophisticated mechanisms for measurement of the velocity of a gas flow. To choose which one to use you don't have to go to savings but understand which model is best suited to the situation.

L'vane anemometer, like the thermal one or in cups, is inserted in the weather stations and provides the measurement of the average speed, thehot wire anemometer instead it is the preferred one for measuring the characteristics of turbulence.

The cup model measures the speed on a plane perpendicular to the axis of the rotation cups, the model must therefore be positioned in the best possible way hot wire it is suitable for measuring precisely when the air flows have very low speeds, the vane one is the best choice when it comes to evaluating the wind speed.

If we cannot therefore give an indication on prices, we can do it on selectable measurement units: feet / min, m / s, MPH, km / h and knots. Wide choice to be able to use these tools in different situations. Then there are, and at a higher price, anemometers with hygrothermometer which can be seen as gods thermo anemometers with a humidity sensor to complement them.

DIY anemometer

If you build it at home, you cannot get an instrument of maximum precision but it is interesting to do it to see firsthand how it works and what mechanisms are hidden in tools that they measure the wind, apparently trivial thing.

You can build do it yourself anemometers with five paper cups or 120 ml plastic, a pencil, adhesive tape, a punch pliers and 2 straws, or in a slightly more professional way, getting a bicycle computer, even for 10 euros, 2 or 3 ping pong balls, sticks, a plastic tube, a cap, glue and silicone. Less than 25 euros on the market an anemometer cannot be found, if we are just fans, we better build it at home.

Anemometer for curtains

A kind of sensor for wind, for curtains, which we can call an anemometer as long as we use it only and always in the context in which it is sold, this is it, available on Amazon for only 25 euros. It is obvious that it is intended for a specific use and is a tool that does not claim to provide data for scientific calculations and evaluations.

Portable anemometer

To obtain a portable digital anemometer with backlight, often used by those who windsurf, sail or by those who go fishing, or by those who love kites, you can contact Amazon who sells a good model for 15 euros. This device provides the measurement of wind speed and temperature, covers a speed range from 0 to 30m / s and a temperature range from -10 to - 45 ° C.

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