Baked olives, regional recipes

Baked olives, regional recipes

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Baked olives: how to prepare thebaked olives. Tips for storing black olives and green olives.

Green olives and black olives

On this page we will talk aboutbaked black olives. For recipes with green olives (also known as white olives) you can follow the advice for the conservation of the pages we will report to you later. The procedure seen for the conservation ofblack olivesit is completely different from that adopted forgreen olives.

The green olives they are richer in bitter substances that must be drained using an alkaline solution. The same procedure is required for both those who intend to keepsalted green olives than for those who want to keepgreen olives in brineor olivescrushed greens and dried. For the conservation of green olives I point out these articles:

  • Crushed olives in oil
    The same procedure is suitable for preserving green olives in salt or oil. Read the recipes!
  • Treatment of green olives
    A treatment to preserve green olives in brine, just like you would buy them at the supermarket.

Baked black olives, how to do it

Theblack olives, one time dried in oven, are preservedunder salt, in oilor vacuum packed, with or without toppings.

This method is recommended forto preservesmall amounts of olives. For every two kg of olives you will need a liter of vinegar and a liter of extra virgin olive oil.

How to do thebaked black olives?

Score each olive by sectioning it in two places. Leave the black olives, cut in this way, in a bowl full of water. Change the water twice a day to eliminate the bitterness.

After 10 days, wash the olives under running water and perform a final rinse with cold vinegar.

Arrange the olives on a baking sheet greased with oil. The olives must not be piled up and must not come into contact with each other.

Place the olives in the oven at 150 ° C for about 10 minutes or until the surface of the olives is wrinkled.

Remove the plate and let it cool.

Black olives in oil

After drying in the oven, transfer the olives into sterile, hermetically sealed jars, filled with oil. Wait a few hours for the oil to penetrate any interstice, bring the oil to level and close. If you prefer to flavor the baked olives, you can do it using one of the manyrecipesregional. Below we will propose how to do thebaked black olives seasoned Sicilian, Apulian or with the Sardinian recipe(more particular!).

Seasoned black olives

You can use the different regional recipes for the sauce to use. Drying in the oven requires patience but is easy and within everyone's reach, the seasoning, in case of storagein oil, it's just as simple.

Baked black olives, Sicilian recipe

The recipe includes an essential condiment: dried oregano, garlic, parsley and chilli.

Baked black olives, Sardinian recipe

ThereSardinian recipe of baked black olivesprovides for more seasoningscented, with: oregano, garlic, orange peel, black pepper.

Baked black olives, Apulian recipe

ThereApulian recipe of baked black olivesit is very essential, like seasoninginvolves the addition of garlic and hot peppers, except for some variations that suggest enriching the olives with dried and finely chopped tomatoes.

Black olives in salt

Drying the olives in the oven is simple but the process is long and therefore only suitable for small quantities. The domestic oven is not so large as to allow large quantities of olives to be dried. In this context it could be useful to “dry the olives” with salt. Salt, in fact, allows the olives to be dehydrated similarly to what heat would do. For the complete procedure, I refer you to the page: how to make salted olives.

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