Discolored shirt, how to fix it

Discolored shirt, how to fix it

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Discolored shirt, how to fix it: remedies to recover faded and discolored garments from the sun or from washing errors.

Please note!
Although the article is titled "faded shirt, how to fix it ", iremediesthat I will explain on this page can be applied to any type of fabric.

Faded garments, what to do

THEdiscolored black garmentsI am a plague for everyone! But why idark clothes, in the washing machine, tend to lose color?

First of all, it should be noted that a lot depends on the quality of the garment and the textile dye used, secondly, to influence the loss of color during the washing phase, are the detergents. The items that pay the price are precisely those with intense colors. Afaded shirtit can be the result of washing with an excess of detergent or with an excessively aggressive detergent (pardon the pun!).

The detergents that we find on the market arealwaysenriched with bleaching agents. This is why it is important to buy detergents for dark clothes and, perhaps, do the laundry by dividing light garments from dark ones ... regardless of the use of the so-called "color catcher". The color catcher prevents the dispersion of color from damaging other garments but does not prevent the loss of color from the textile fibers.

In addition, if during the washing you add disinfectant detergents or specific disinfectant products, the risk of removing from the drumdiscolored clothingit is even higher! The disinfectant detergents are enriched with small amounts of chlorine and oxygen… So how to wash clothes darkand forjerseysbrightly colored, not to get them discolor? You have two options, either buy detergents for dark clothes, or use a minimum amount of detergent and do the laundry with vinegar!

Another mistake to avoid: ileadersthey should not be left in the sun but allowed to air dry, in a well-ventilated place but away from direct sunlight which candiscolor the laundry.

How to revive the colors of clothes

For liven up the colors of your clothes dark, black or with strong tones, immerse them in a solution of water and a glass of white vinegar (at least one glass of vinegar for every 2 liters of water). Then do a rinse by adding a tablespoon of coarse salt.

Vinegar has the advantage of reviving colors, which is useful in case ofclothes in dull colorsbut ineffective when it comes tocompletely discolored clothes. One try, though, you can do it!

It is anatural remedy to revive faded colored garments, also useful for home upholstery (sofa upholstery, carpet, rugs, curtains…). You can use vinegar for revive the colors of a faded shirt without fearing the persistence of the vinegar smell.

Acetic acid (vinegar) is extremely volatile so you will feel that marked smell for a few hours as long as you air the garment well, so avoid the dryer for this operation.

Discolored shirt, how to fix it

If themeshisdiscolored by the sunor yes it isdiscoloreddue to a series of wrong washes, it is possible to remedy it with the use of textile dyes.

On the market it is easy to find dyes for fabrics, also useful in case of garments with bleach stains. Fabric dyes can return smooth results. Of course, it will not be typical grandmother's remedies but it is a solution that should not be underestimated. The dyes for fabrics can be synthetic or natural, of vegetable or animal origin. Each manufacturer and each product has a specific use.

In this paragraph I will explainhow to recover discolored garmentswith textile dyes such as "colourery". I mention this product because I have had the opportunity to use it personally and therefore I can explain how to do it, however, feel free to choose the product that you think best suits your needs.

Coloring with this textile dye must be done in the washing machine. The "coloreria" type textile dye is easy to find, there are all colors and shades. To see if the color of thefaded shirtWhat do you mean recover, you can check the page "Coloreria on Amazon ".

Here's how to proceed:

  • Weighs thefaded shirtor stained garments to color. It is necessary to calculate one package of product for every 600 grams of fabric to be colored.
  • Use the dye on garments that are already clean and free of stains, otherwise the textile dye risks not reaching the dirty fibers.
  • Soak, in water, thefaded garments.
  • In the meantime, empty the dye into the washing machine drum and try to get it into the holes in the drum.
  • Add, in the basket, ifaded garments.
  • Start the washing machine at 40 ° C with the standard cycle (without taking out).
  • Dry freshly colored items.



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