Building musical instruments with recycling

Building musical instruments with recycling

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Build musical instruments with objects from to recycle it's useful and fun, but it's also easy. We do not give up on the idea of ​​starting to do it because it is child's play suitable for adults and children, also perfect for emptying the cellars and closets of unnecessary things without creating pounds and pounds of bulky junk. Musical instruments created with materials we have at home have the sweet home sound and cost nothing, or almost nothing.

Building musical instruments with recycling

The use of so-called materials "waste" to build musical instruments is an excellent practice that is often proposed with an educational purpose because it acts on different levels and is very effective if proposed to children up to 14 years.

When they have it in front of their eyes various objects and materials and they know they have to build musical instruments with them, an extraordinary power of imagination ignites in their free minds that does not need tutorials. It can then be guided to get usable results, but it's also good let the little ones try and experiment even though we know they won't get great musical instruments.

In addition to the imagination, this activity done with waste items it also facilitates collaboration and interaction between the wild little inventors who will find themselves exchanging ideas and helping each other, or compete to produce the most beautiful flute from a plastic straw or a roll of paper towels.

Building musical instruments in the laboratory

If the passion in the little ones is strong, we can enroll them in creative workshops in which musical instruments are built with some suggestions from the organizers. These are initiatives that often take place in bookstores as well as in schools and theaters, unite the fun to exercise manual skills and are always an opportunity to make new friends.

With recycled materials and some good advice, you won't believe it but you succeed build kalimba, kazoo and rain sticks. A rattle or some maracas, only with bells and paper roll, drums with metal cans, a ingenious xylophone with glasses and colored water and castanets with metal caps. Those who prefer can try to create the pan flute with straws or a horn with paper rolls, the most poetic will be able to go wild getting the magical rain sticks with paper rolls.

Building musical instruments for children

Musical instruments for very young children they must be constructed taking care that the recycled material used cannot constitute a danger. For the rest, let them have fun without paying too much attention to the sound that will come out of their first attempts at drum or guitar.

Building musical instruments with recycling in Milan

There are those of the build musical instruments with objects to be recycled, he has made an art and at the same time a project to involve people of all ages and backgrounds, near a city like Milan where it is often difficult to feel like protagonists, especially if you don't live in full within.

The Rulli Frulli gang has started a project a Baranzate, called "The Band of the Neighborhood ", has chosen this area of ​​the northwestern suburbs because in the records it is the most multi-ethnic municipality in Italy since about a third of its almost 12 thousand inhabitants come from a foreign nation with the result of 77 ethnic groups present in a small fraction of the territory .

A true cultural richness that Frulli rollers has caught and will transform into a gang of 10 to 25 year olds. In addition to playing musical instruments, these young people will build them together using recycled materials.

The project is new, born in November 2017, but the Frulli rollers band who conceived and started it has existed since 2010 thanks to an idea by Federico Alberghini who created it in the frame of Carlo & Guglielmo Andreoli Music School Foundation at the headquarters of Finale Emilia. There too, for some time, an "integration band" has been created with many percussion, easy to use and perfect to "make group".

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