Grand Griffon Vendéen

Grand Griffon Vendéen

It comes from France and is a dog of the category "Hounds and dogs on a blood trail", we do not know much more and it is difficult to see specimens of Grand Griffon Vendéen around unless you go to its areas of origin.

Grand Griffon Vendéen: standard

Medium in size, with its distinct gait and harmonious and elegant structure, ours Grand Griffon Vendéen he is a well-proportioned animal, with a robust physique but which certainly cannot be defined as heavy. He has an elongated head, one penetrating and deep look.

Its long coat is makes it recognizable, in the photo, rather than the length for the air it gives it, a little neglected, disheveled, particularly nice for those who do not like perfection but the charm of the whole.

Grand Griffon Vendéen: character

Intelligent and purposeful, this dog has a strong but not aggressive or rebellious character. Among hunting dogs it is known for his temper and audacity with which he dedicates himself to his hunting tasks, in the past it is said that he was also capable of dealing with wolves.

Today we often find him fighting with the wild boar, is one of the few breeds that can stand up to this wild animal when needed. Besides that hunting dog he is also a watchdog and a good life partner in the house, just don't forbid him to being outdoors for too many hours. We would make it very sad.

Grand Griffon Vendéen: breeding

Being a fairly rare breed, it is almost exclusively bred in France where it is believed by most, "the best hound in the absolute sense ". Now that hunting is not as practiced as it once was, it is often employed as a guard dog and show dog, which is why it is still bred today.

Its origins have not yet been clarified, many think that among the progenitors of the Grand Griffon Vendéen there are the "King's white dog", in the wirehaired variety, the "Bracco italiano". Furthermore the "Fawn dog of Brittany" would be in charge of the cloak and a hand would have also put the "Gray dog ​​of Saint-Louis ”.
Today it is raised in a few places but there it is, in the Second World War it risked disappearing.

Grand Griffon Vendéen: puppies

As adults, puppies can weigh from 30 to 35 Kg, with a maximum height of 65 cm at the withers. The thorax will never become too broad while the muzzle appears elongated, with a black and well opened nose. The ears are almost funny, flexible, narrow and thin, and then covered with long hair, set low and turned backwards. The eyes of the Grand Griffon Vendéen I'm very dark and alive, deep, large.

The fur of puppies it is not immediately hard but it becomes longer and more bushy. With the months the eyebrows also grow, pronounced, the coat becomes increasingly thick and rigid, also equipped with a thick undercoat.
As for the colors, those allowed by the standard are fawn, hare hair, white and orange, white and gray, white and hare hair. Or tricolor with the accepted shades.

Grand Griffon Vendéen: price

Being almost nowhere to be found, it is difficult to define a price, at least in Italy. The few specimens that run are for exhibition so you can imagine that they have really onerous costs.

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