Black American Cocker

Black American Cocker

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American cocker

, not English. A lesser known variety that has not always existed. It all begins when the first Cocker Spaniel arrives in the United States, in 1882. First there is the recognized official of the English type breed, then gradually it has developed a dog with increasingly distant characteristics and finally in 1945 the American Kennet Club decided to recognize the separation of the two races. That of American cocker and that of the English Cocker.

Dwarf American Cocker

It is dwarf because it is considered the smallest among sporting hunting dogs. Indeed, it must not exceed some specific dimensions even if it derives from the English one that does not have the same canons to follow. A male American at the withers must not exceed 40 cm, a female 37.

Beyond his "nano" dimensions, the American Cocker is rightfully included in the FCI 8 group, that of Retrievers from land and in water, together with Curly Coated Retriever, Flat Coated Retriever, Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever.

Black American Cocker

The black American Cocker is highly regarded though there are also other colors. Sure, black has a particular charm, with its sturdy, compact body and finely chiseled head.

In general, the Black American Cocker it has a very harmonious and balanced figure, a regal and agile posture, with plumb forelegs and the upper line that descends slightly towards the rear, strong and muscular. Another feature that this dog likes so much is thereand long, well-furred ears. Obviously better if black.

American cocker: breeding

Of farms of American cocker there are quite a few scattered throughout the country because it is a widespread and appreciated dog, not only for its elegance. It is a resistant and agile animal if you want to use it for hunting activities, but in the family it is equally an excellent purchase.

Her disposition is sweet and docile, it will never be seen biting or attacking its master, it is very attached to the family and in the home it is just an element tender, cuddly. Play with pleasure but it's not the kind of restless dog that gets difficult to handle at times.

American cocker: grooming

For a dog like this grooming is important and not only for those who love the aesthetic side of life and want to go for a walk with an elegant 4-legged companion. The hair has a silky texture but certainly does not resemble the "iron wire", it is not curled nor wavy and must be kept clean and tidy.

There are also longer bangs on forelimbs, trunk and hind limbs, above the hocks. In addition to black, colors allowed by the standard for this breed are red, fawn, liver, black and tan, liver and tan. White cannot be found in single-colored specimens, but in multicolored ones together with black, orange, liver or lemon and white. There are also examples of American tricolor cocker.

In addition to frequent and careful grooming, the American cocker it also requires a balanced diet and plenty of physical activity. Its weak point is the ears due to their considerable length: they get dirty easily. Even the eyes must always be cleaned because weepy and frail.

American cocker: puppies

If in general the American cocker he is lively and tender, when he is a puppy he is even more so and he is less calm than ever. However, it is also docile, so the puppies learn quickly and in a short time, if well trained, they are respectful and polite.

Black American Cocker: price

Depending on the area where the kennels are located, the price of a healthy pedigreed puppy may vary but it is unlikely to be less than 600 euros.

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