Understanding cracks in walls, from problem to solution

Understanding cracks in walls, from problem to solution

Cracks in the walls, easy to see but it is not always easy to understand what is the origin of a problem that is often more serious than one can imagine. It is not a simple aesthetic change of the house wall, there is something more that you need to know in order not to underestimate the serious problems that the building faces if you do not intervene in time. Some time ago we had already dealt with the subject with the article "How to remove cracks in walls"But to better understand the problem we asked for help from an expert, Eng. Marco D’Attoli of GEOSEC, who has been studying and dealing with these issues for over 15 years.

Why do cracks come in the wall? What are the causes?

There crack in the wall it is often a symptom of a structural problem of the building whose causes are to be found in extreme climate changes and seismic events. Rigid and rainy winters alternated with long periods of heat and drought stress the ground causing it to collapse with inevitable repercussions on the stability of the soil and the foundations of the house.

Other causes are to be found in the drainage of rainwater or water loss from pipes or meters near the house, in deep excavations carried out near the building or in the presence of trees with extended roots near the building.

How to solve the problem of cracks in the walls?

To solve the problem of cracks in the walls, it is not recommended to use do-it-yourself methods because these interventions are temporary, they only temporarily improve the aesthetics of the wall, hiding the real problem at the base.

Each crack in the wall is different and the same solution does not always apply, it is necessary to rely on experts in the sector so that through an expert opinion they can evaluate the extent of the failure by proposing the most appropriate consolidation solution to solve the problem.

In fact, it is necessary to carry out a preliminary analysis of the situation in which the land and the foundations of the house are poured in order to then plan a consolidation intervention.

Consolidation of the foundations, what are the solutions?

The main solutions are the consolidation of the foundation soil through injections of expanding resins and the consolidation of the foundations through micropiles.

The first solution involves a series of expanding resin injections to be carried out in the ground that supports the construction and after making micro holes near the building, special resins are injected; expanding the resin increases its volume going to fill the gaps generated in the soil consolidating it.

The second solution of micropiles, on the other hand, is used to consolidate the foundations or to place them deeper, overcoming the damaged soil in place of more robust layers; the piles at window frames are first pushed deep into the ground with hydraulic jacks and then fixed to the existing foundation (if suitable) improving the stability of the building. The installation of micropiles at window frames can also be associated with injections of expanding resin, if it is necessary to intervene both on the foundations and on the ground.

We understood that the problem is not in the wall but in the ground and foundations, but how is it possible to see the problem under the house without invasive techniques?

In GEOSEC, thanks to the injection intervention control method using live 4D electric tomography, we are able to monitor what happens in the ground before, especially DURING and after treatment, like a "large electronic eye" and without excavating or invasive procedures by evaluating in real time the changes that occur in the consolidation.

Ours is a highly technological solution and patented by us, which guarantees the best application experience as the inventors of the method, therefore effective and permanent results over time. This is why we can proudly say that "we know what's underneath"!

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