Luna Park of Science

Luna Park of Science

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Luna Park of Science, because science is not only useful but also fun, just take it in the right way or know how to explain it. Who understood how to do it is Frascati Scienza who organized a real "Luna Park of Science " inside the park of the Ex Cartiera Latina, in Rome. Let's see what it is and why, even if you cannot participate, it is an example to know and imitate.

Luna Park of Science: what it is

From 15 to 21 of 23 September the park of the Ex Cartiera Latina, in Via Appia Antica 42, turns into an amusement park like few exist in the world. No cartoon characters, no ferris wheels or shooting shots with free ducks.

The initiative is instead a tribute to science and to those who deal with it, conceived byFrascati Science Association with the collaboration of the Lazio Region Department of Culture and Youth Policies to officially inaugurate the Science Week. It will be a succession of events that will culminate with the European Researchers' Night, on September 29.

The goal is to combine science, culture, and teaching and offer them to everyone in an attractive way but never to the detriment of the quality of the content. Fun and games can coexist with mathematics, chemistry and physics, indeed, they enrich each other and it will be enough to take a leap to "Luna Park of Science”To notice, seeing scientists who work side by side with jugglers, acrobats and waders.

Luna Park of Science: games

The atmosphere is playful, but there are four stations where you can literally play with science, selling it applied to our daily life in a fun way. In Nuclear Bowling, taking spheres and spheres in your hands, you experience the secrets of particle physics and nuclear fission and fusion, "strong" and "weak" nuclear interactions will no longer be smoky mysteries.

Whoever wishes can play with bubbles seeing their chemistry, creating strange shapes to investigate the scientific phenomena that make them feasible while in EcoStrike you become the protagonists of balance game largest in the world. Our ecosystem, in which it is necessary to spend and strive to bring in harmony, prey and predators, producers and consumers, living and non-living part.

The bravest can throw themselves into a "Challenge the science! " being in front of various physics problems applied to everyday life and not trivial to solve but very fun to face even competing with an aspiring scientist friend using the inductive empirical method, or others more discounted.

Luna Park of Science: objectives

With replicas scheduled in the streets of historical center of Frascati during the European Researchers' Night, the Science Funfair is an excellent example of how it is possible and now a duty to be able to bring those involved in science closer to those who think that it does not concern them. And viceversa. There is no age, sex, ethnicity, passion or company name that prevents you from be fascinated by scientific mysteries and what they produce. Not once in a while but in daily life.

Always conveying the idea of ​​science as real 'Knowledge chain', Frascati Scienza will be present in many cities from north to south of the peninsula, including the islands: Bari, Cagliari, Carbonia, Cassino, Caserta, Catania, Cave, Cosenza, Ferrara, Frascati, Frosinone, Gorga, Isnello, Lecce, Milan, Monte Porzio Cato, Naples, Palermo, Parma, Pavia, Pula, Rome, Sassari, Trieste, Viterbo.

The Luna Park of Science "Raise the ball" at the European Researchers' Night which is now a tradition, being 12 years old. This night of the scientists is promoted by the European Commission and in the case of Frascati Scienza it is funded by the European Commission as part of the call MSCA-NIGHT- 2016/2017. Together with this association, many other realities, institutions, universities and associations contribute to the success of the initiative. Among the numerous patrons, also that of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

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