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Duckweed: price, where to buy it and important considerations before cultivation. Advice for those who want to grow the petite lemna in the aquarium.

They can be grown in an aquarium with fish, other plants or turtles. They also do well in the garden pond, both in Northern Italy and in the Center-South. ThereLemna minutait is a floating plant that resists cold well, multiplies quickly in the sun and is extremely hardy.

It has good filtration capacity so that it can be used in the practice of phytodepuration. Despite these advantages, it is important to underline that it is an alien species that can damage our ecosystems.

Lemna minuta and Spirodela polyrrhiza

It is botanically known asLemna minorortiny lemna. This plant floats on the surface of the water: it consists of a single leaf, very small and oval, which measures an average of 2-3 mm in length. A single wire-shaped root branches off from this leaf, about 8 mm long which due to its lightness is only partially submerged. In the aquarium, the newborn fry can find refuge among the roots of Lemna minuta.

ThereLemna minoris identical to themarsh duck(Spirodela polyrrhiza). Theremarsh duckit is larger and its leaf reaches 5 mm. It is easily distinguished because it does not have a single root but a dense tuft of roots.

Duckweed or Lemna minuta

Thereduckweedis among thealien plantsof our country. It is native to America with temperate and subtropical climate zones. It was accidentally introduced in Italy in the 1990s, imported for cultivation in an aquarium or protected environment: todayLemna minuteit is widespread especially in the aquatic environments of Northern Central Italy where it populates ponds, ditches, rice fields, marshes and reeds.

Theretiny lemnait is a highly invasive plant and risks damaging our ecosystems. To evaluate whethercultivate duckweedin your home pond, make sure it is placed in a sufficiently collected and protected area. The Lemna minuta species should not be spread for any reason: this invasive plant is harmful because it forms the typical and dense carpets that make it famous on the surface of the water. Those green carpets, however, do not let light and oxygen through, creating survival problems for aquatic plant species (submerged aquatic plants and floating aquatic plants) and animals (fish, reptiles, amphibians…). To pay the costs are also birds and palmipeds which, finding no more prey, are forced to migrate elsewhere.

Now you know, the duckweed it is an alien species that can cause damage to native biodiversity. Pay attention in the cultivation and make sure that it remains in a confined environment.

Duckweed in the aquarium

You don't just have to assess that it is an alien plant. Duckweed absorb an impressive amount of nutrients from the water and propagate very quickly, so much so that they are considered pests.

Thesefresh or brackish water plantsthey multiply on the surface of the water mirror of your aquarium. To prevent them from making life difficult for immersed aquatic plants, with a net, you should periodically eliminate a good number of specimens.

As soon as you notice that the plant is excessively covering the surface of the water, eliminate more than half of it.

Once inserted, completely delete thewater lentilsit is almost impossible: there is always some propagation material left and so the plant begins to multiply again.

Duckweed and turtles

Who has an aquarium with turtles, can introduce thewater lentilswith a light heart. Turtles moreravenouslike some tortoises of the genus Trachemys, they feed on these plants until they spontaneously contain them.

Anyone who wants to feed turtles with live plants can also introduce plants such as vallisneria, pistia, cabomba, elode into the aquarium tanks ... No specific precautions are necessary as, generally, turtles devour any plant!

Duckweed, where to buy it and price

Duckweed is not easy to find at nurseries. You should try to turn to traders who deal with aquatic plants for ponds or aquarium shops. On Amazon you can often find seeds or propagation material (stolon buds) of these plants. To check prices and offers, please refer toAmazon official page.

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