How to save petrol in the car

How to save petrol in the car

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How to save petroldriving a car. What to do if the car consumes too much: maintenance and do-it-yourself checks.

Small tricks allow us to save gasoline when we are driving our car. A crucial role is also played by the maintenance and condition of the vehicle but a lot can do our way of driving. Here how to save petrol in the car.

How to save petrol and diesel:10 tips to cut consumption by up to 25%

The Ministry of Economic Development, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, in order to lower harmful emissions, have released a guide that explains how to save petrol.

By examining the document we see that the crucial points are ten and if there are no mechanical problems with the car, thanks to these ten tips, it will be possible to save up to 25% of fuel for petrol cars and up to 20% for those powered by fuel. diesel.

1. Accelerate gradually, so driving to is categorically avoided “Fast and furious“!
2. Engage the upper gear as soon as possible, do not let the engine exceed 2,000 rpm.
3. Maintain a moderate speed and as uniform as possible.
4. Drive carefully and smoothly, avoiding sudden braking and unnecessary gear changes.
5. Gradually decelerate by releasing the accelerator pedal and keeping the gear engaged.
6. Stop the engine when possible, but only when the vehicle is stationary.
7. Keep the tire pressure within the recommended range.
8. Remove ski racks or luggage racks immediately after use and carry only essential items in the trunk while keeping the vehicle, as far as possible, in its original state. This is necessary for aerodynamics but also to keep the vehicle light. The more the load, the more fuel will be needed to overcome the friction with the asphalt.
9. Use electrical devices only for the time necessary.
10. Limit the use of the air conditioner.

Limiting the use of the air conditioner does not mean eliminating it! If you are on the motorway, the air conditioning will save more fuel than you would if you are traveling with the windows open. Air infiltrations from the windows, in fact, make the car less aerodynamic, increasing fuel consumption. In the city center, when traveling at limited speeds, the lowered windows can be more "economical" than air conditioning.

Respect the speed limit

It is good to remember that the fuel consumption it increases exponentially with increasing speed. For consume less gasoline we do not ask you to go as slow as snails but at least to respect the speed limits prescribed by the highway code. This trick won't just help you save petrol auto but also not to break the law and accumulate fines.

To decelerate, release the accelerator pedal while leaving the gear engaged. This way, if your car is equipped with a cut-off device, not a single drop of fuel will burn.

Car that consumes too much fuel, the right maintenance

If yourscar consumes too much fuel,be itdiesel or petrol, there are maintenance procedures to be implemented.

First, check the tires: tires that are too flat can increase thecar fuel consumption. Tires can have a strong impact oncar fuel consumptionalso in other circumstances. For example, different tire sizes can alter the original performance, generally larger tires consume more. How many inches are your car's rims? Again, winter tires should only be used in seasons in which the climatic conditions make them necessary because they increase the friction with the road surface and with it also increase the gasoline consumption.

There must be checks on the brakes. How long have you not changed the brake oil? Old oil could brake the brake caliper pistons, triggering strong friction. The same problem could occur in case of altered pads or badly fitted brakes. This is a very common problem that should not be underestimated if yourscar consumes too much.

The air and fuel filters must also be replaced periodically. Car manufacturers recommend replacing the air and fuel filter every "few kilometers", consult the car's user manual, generally the replacement takes place every 25,000 - 30,000 km. These are two important filters for the power supply system. To ward offrip-offs, ask the mechanic to show you the filters just removed for a visual check.

How to consume less petrol if the car is very old

In the case of a very old car or even able to enter the register of vintage cars, consider converting the engine from petrol to electric power. In the case of recent cars, the conversion to an electric car is not very recommended as the car may be resold. When the cars are very old, however, the small investment may be worth it.

The decree 219/2015 allows the circulation on the road of cars that have seen the replacement of the classic heat engine in an electric motor. The conversion involves the installation of an electric engine proportional to the weight of the car and the installation of batteries capable of powering the engine. In this way, you can permanently cut your gasoline expenditure.

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