Microcredit in Italy

Microcredit in Italy

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Microcredit, to expand the number of people who can access a credit, obtaining a micro, because they have a project, an activity, an idea to develop. The microcredit it serves to invest in the future with confidence and at the same time with shrewdness and prudence, selecting with courage the realities that deserve to be encouraged not only in words. It is one instrument regulated by laws, it exists not only in Italy, but in many countries both more and less developed than ours. It is interesting to get to know it in order to take advantage of it but also to better understand how things "turn out" and money today.

Microcredit: what it is

Micro-credit consists of granting of small loans to individuals or businesses that proceeding with the classic process would not be able to access it. This is nothing new today, even if not all potential users of microcredit know its characteristics.

The origin of microcredit dates back to popular initiatives of the tontines and the associations of revolving credit in Africa and Asia and, in a context closer to us, the 15th century Monti di Pietà. Between the 70s and the beginning of the 80s it established itself thanks to the birth of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, whose founder Muhammad Yunus she won the Nobel Peace Prize for helping with her microcredit initiative especially women and families cut off from traditional bank loans, allowing them to create and run businesses in rural areas.

There difference between micro-credit and bank loans usually lies in the type of guarantees required: real in the case of loans granted by banks (e.g. pledges or mortgages on the house) and personal in the case of microcredit. The companies specialized in offering microcredit also offer accompanying and financial education services offered as collateral to the loan, for its responsible and monitored use.

Microcredit in Italy: the situation

In Italy in 2006 the Permanent Italian National Committee for Micro-credit which was then transformed in 2011 intoNational body for microcredit (ENM). This body aims to support initiatives for the development of micro-entrepreneurship and self-employment a contrast of povertyand the "economic" marginalization of those who are not considered "bankable".

In our country they can obtain these microloans both individuals and associations and companies who propose to start self-employment or a micro-enterprise. The natural persons in conditions of economic and social vulnerability.

Loans granted cannot exceed the amount of 10,000 euros for the support of people in conditions of poverty and social exclusion and 25,000 euros for the start-up of an economic activity, the duration of the loan is a maximum of 7 years.

National Microcredit Body

The ENM is a non-economic public body and operates nationally and internationally in the micro-credit and microfinance sector, engaging on various levels. It deals with microfinance instruments promoted by the EU of the microfinance activities rrealized to draw on EU funds and at the same time also on Italian microcredit and microfinance initiatives. It promotes and supports micro-credit and microfinance programs for the development of our country and for those in the developing world. To learn more about this institution, we invite you to visit its official website

Microcredit Guarantee Fund

This Fund serves to support micro-entrepreneurship, not directly by financing it but by helping to access financial sources by granting onepublic guarantee on microcredit operations.

For some years the Fund has been operating on the basis of significantly simpler access criteria, moreover, companies can book online. To get an idea of ​​the zeros we're talking about, it's about figures of 30 million per year allocated to the Fund, to which to add voluntary payments from organizations, associations, companies or individual citizens.

Before visiting the official website, to deepen, it is good to make it clear that these resources are not for direct financing to people or businesses, they are needed to act as a guarantee and make them more "bankable".

Microcredit in Italy: the B Corporation PerMicro

Among the 52 B Corps that today we can count on the Italian territory, together with us from Ideegreen (you can read the article "IdeeGreen: B Corporation certified!") There are also those involved in microcredit: ForMicro, an Italian company specializing in the provision of loans and microcredits and recently BCorp awarded among the "Best of the World" for its impact on the community, operating throughout the country through 14 branches.

PerMicro offers its services to Italian citizens and migrants who want to start or develop a business, as well as families with special financial needs related to home, health, training. The goal is to serving those people excluded from traditional credit channels for insufficient credit history or precarious job position.

PerMicro has granted to date 16,699 microcredits, for a total disbursed of 116,439,630 euros, of which 2,581 micro-credits to the company and 14,118 micro-credits to the family. More information is available on the website

Born in 2007 in Turin thanks to the support of Beyond Venture and the Paideia Foundation, today PerMicro sees in its shareholder structure many more subjects, different by sector and size, who share his mission: "We create employment and social inclusion through the professional provision of credits and microcredits, financial education and the offer of start-up and support services for businesses, with a view to
sustainability of our business ".

To toast the present and future examples of success, we can mention, of the first category, "GhePensiM.I.". In piazza Morbegno 2, in Milan, the success of Matteo Russo's enterprise is evident, just go through his door local brewery and let oneself be welcomed into this friendly and dynamic environment for a tasty and original lunch, aperitif or after dinner.

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