Species and varieties of hydrangeas

Species and varieties of hydrangeas

Species and varieties of hydrangeas:from the popular Hydrangea macrophylla to the lesser known but equally beautiful and easy to grow species of Hydrangeaceae. Blue, red, climbing, white, green, lilac hydrangea and many bi-color novelties.

The H. macrophylla species is only the most popular but it is certainly not the only one. In this article, we will talk aboutvariety of the classic hydrangea and othersspecies of hydrangeathat we cancultivatein the garden or in pots, in different situations.

Species and varieties of hydrangeas

It is not easy to talk abouthydrangeas. In fact, with the termhydrangeasan entire genus of plants attributable to the Hydrangeaceae family is identified.

Of these, the most popular is the species Hydrangea macrophylla, the classic hydrangea we use for cultivation in the shady areas of the garden.

Two-tone hydrangea

Of the Hydrangea macrophylla species there are a large number of varieties and hybrids selected over time. Thevariety of hydrangeacurrently the most popular are the two-colored ones such as Red Ace hydrangea.

Hydrangea with lilac or green flowers

Between classic hydrangea varieties more elegant and sober, we point out the Blauling with light lilac flowers. The flowers turn green as the soil pH changes.

White hydrangea

L'white hydrangeais among theclassic hydrangeasmoresought. Its completely white flower makes it very sophisticated. The inflorescences ofwhite hydrangeathey do not have the classic spherical shape. It has very characteristic cupped flowers because they contrast with the slender red-brown branches. The white hydrangea variety is named afterchoco chic. Thisvariety of hydrangeacan create neat bushes of 120cm in height. It falls betweenhydrangeasuseful for creatingbordersfrom medium-high height.

Red hydrangea

Othershydrangeas from flowers unusual are the Kardinal variety. Its flowers stand out even from afar. It has bright red flowers. The flowers have a characteristic shape that are flatter and can be one or two turns. This hydrangea can be used for wallpapering walls or for high borders: it can reach two meters in height.

Blue hydrangea

Betweenvariety of blue-flowered hydrangeawe point out the Hovaria hopcorn, recently introduced on the market. It has a low height: 130 cm. When grown on soils rich in chelators, the flowers can reach a very deep blue color. The flowers have the typical globular shape.

Hydrangea species to grow near a wall or gate

We have already told you about climbing hydrangea, the plant with characteristic flowers that can cover entire walls. The climbing hydrangea it is also known assmall-flowered hydrangea. In this paragraph we will point out the hydrangeas that you can grow close to a wall or a gate.

L'Hydrangea petiolarisit's a'climbing hydrangea che can reach a height of 250 cm. We must organize thecultivationwith tutors, at least for the first years after implantation. Once theclimbing hydrangeawill have developed its robust branches and its aerial roots, the stakes can be removed. Hydrangeaclimbingof the petiolaris species can develop on walls without trellises thanks to the aerial roots. The planting should be done 50 cm away from the wall.

If the wall is high or to give more diversification, you cancultivatea first row ofHydrangea quercifolia. Thisspecies of hydrangeait is recognized by the shape of the leaf blade. This hydrangea reaches a height of 180 - 200 cm but to obtain a varied effect, the height can be limited by periodic pruning. Of the speciesHydrangea quercifoliavery interesting is the varietySnow Flake.

Hydrangea species for borders

For medium-high borders, the classichydrangea macrophyllait's perfect. How much you canprune the hydrangea? The classic hydrangea is very resistant to pruning, in fact it is possible to contain it and keep it at a height of about 100 cm.

For the othershydrangeasuseful to createbordersand flower beds, I refer you to the previous paragraph dedicated tovarietyofhydrangea macrophylla.

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