Smoked salt, properties

Smoked salt, properties

Smoked salt, properties and how to prepare it. Uses in the kitchen, where to buy smoked salt and characteristics.

As well as the red salt of Hawaii, also thesmoked saltit is marine type. If with the Hawaiian salt the crystallization process occurs in close contact with natural clays, the smoked saltit is produced by placing sea salt (already crystallized) in the smoke of the combustion of different types of wood.

Depending on the wood used, different aromas and characteristics can be obtained.

Smoked salt, properties

Smoked salt is composed of crystals of different sizes: from coarse to thin grains, up tocrystal flakeslarger.

It is widely used in Scandinavian countries and is supposed to have Viking origin.

The nutritional properties ofsmoked saltthey are almost attributable to those of natural sea salt. It is mainly composed of sodium chloride and provides traces of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc.

The consumption of smoked salt is not recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure and osteoporosis. The use of salt, in general, should be limited during the period preceding menstruation in order to counter -at least in part- the typical swelling linked to the water retention of those days.

Smoked salt, use in the kitchen

L'use of smoked saltit is especially appreciated during barbecues or for those courses to which you want to give that classic woody aftertaste.

Thesmoked saltit has a strong aroma and an aftertaste of wood due to its particular exposure to the fumes of the combustion of aromatic woods. Tradition sees the preparation of smoked salt with oak or juniper wood.

Thanks to its aroma, smoked salt is highly valued for braciate of meat and fish. It gives foods a strong aroma.

It can also be used to salt first courses such as pasta alla carbonara.

Othersuses in the kitchenthey see it used to salt certain vegetables, especially used in soups. You can use it to give a stronger flavor to baked potatoes and puree.

It can be used to salt gourmet pizzas stuffed with dried tomatoes, black olives and fior di latte.

Thesalt smoked with oak woodhas a golden color. It is used to salt fish soups and sauces.

Smoked salt, how it's done

Thesmoked saltcan be prepared with thedo-it-yourself. The preparation, however, is not as simple as many would like. With home preparation you risk getting a productdullorexcessivelycontaminated by fumes. For all the instructions and to test your skills, we invite you to visit the guide article dedicated tohome-made smoked saltwhere there is a demonstration video of DIY.

In the domestic preparation of theDIY smoked salt, you can use any aromatic wood essence: walnut, oak, laurel… but when it comes tosmoked saltready to use, found on the market, make sure it has been prepared with oak wood essences as required by the Viking tradition.

Smoked salt, where to buy it

If you prefer to buy, choose asmoked salt with preparation which respects the ancient Viking traditions. If with thePreparation maid we can be moretolerant, with the purchase of a finished product we must become more demanding!

Where to find smoked salt

In the most popular grocery stores or by taking advantage of online shopping. On Amazon, among the various best products we point out the Maldon smoked salt. As stated, the purchase cost is not very low: a 125 g pack can be bought at a price of 7.08 euros with free shipping.

For all information, I refer you to the page:Maldon Smoked Salt

The reported salt was smoked in oak wood.

Regardless of the product you buy, choose a smoked salt prepared with the use of oak and / or juniper wood. These fragrances are perfect even for the most demanding palates.

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