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Acai berries, all the info

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Acai berries: where to find them, they really make you lose weight and how they work. Properties, contraindications and nutritional values ​​of the berries ofAcai.

Lately we hear about Acai berries, the fruit of a palm that grows in the Amazon. The Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition of the University of Florida (USA) found inAcai an interesting food for use in "nutraceutical products", precisely because of the numerous functional properties it possesses. In this article we will try to learn more about the Acai berries so as to discover what are its real properties and anycontraindications.

Acai berries, nutritional properties

First we see 100 grams of pulp of Acai what they contain:

  • 8.1 g of protein.
  • 52.2 of carbohydrates (including 44.2 g of fiber).
  • 260 mg of calcium.
  • 4.4 mg of iron

The acai berries they also provide a fair amount of vitamin A and small amounts of vitamin C, aspartic acid and glutamic acid. These berries are a significant source of antioxidants, useful for counteracting cellular aging and free radicals. Every 100 grams of product provides 319 mg of anthocyanin and other antioxidants.

Acai Berries, property

The Acai berries they have a large amount of antioxidants, such as to fight premature aging and regenerate the body and muscles.

In addition, theaçai possesses a strong concentration of sterols which involve numerous benefits for the human body, reducing cholesterol in circulation. Sterols have a strong impact on metabolism of prostaglanins, an active biological component found in our body. Prostaglandins are able to reduce pain and inflammation. This is why theaçai berriesare considered anatural anti-inflammatory.

According to scientific studies conducted at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, the beta-phytosterols it contains collaborate with the immune system, helping us to fight not only inflammation. According to a study by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, the açai berriesthey would be able to counteract diabetes, relieve arthritic pain, arteriosclerosis, reduce inflammation and the possibility of heart attacks.

Acai berries to lose weight

What about taking acai berries to lose weight?
According to experts, açaì has proved to be a valuable substance for weight control. It provides essential amino acids and other bioactive substances that can improve metabolism, thus making excess fat burn more quickly.

The aforementioned phytosterols, among other functions, help the body eliminate excess fats and reduce the feeling of hunger.

They are not missingopinionsconflicting on the actual effectiveness inslimming propertiesof theaçaì berries. The scientific community seems to agree on its antioxidant properties but what about thefat burning factorand the ability toincrease metabolismbringing tangible benefits in weight loss, opinions are split in two.

What is true is that there is no natural remedymiraculous, then theaçaì berriesthey should be treated as a supplement to a well balanced diet and not as a miracle remedy for weight loss and weight loss in no time.

Acai berries, where to find them

The açaì berries the best are those from organic farming. In herbalist shops and stores that sell organic products, juices and supplements based on their extracts are sold.

Açaì berries can also be purchased as a highly concentrated natural supplement. The supplement based on extracts, in addition to promoting metabolism and the transformation of fats into energy, allow you to face the day with more determination. Also, it is recommended to protect eyesight. On sale we usually find vegetable capsules that contain a high amount of concentrated extract of açaì berries.

Finally, there are the powdered acai berries that are dissolved in small quantities in water, smoothies or breakfast drinks.

To summarize the beneficial effects that the Acai berries involve according to experts:

  • Heart and the Cardiovascular System
  • Digestive system
  • Metabolism and Weight Control
  • Immune system
  • Inflammations

Açaì is also able to:

  • Improve skin tone
  • Improve night vision
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Improve concentration

Acai berries, where to find them

If you feel like trying theacai berriesto exploit the powerfulantioxidant properties you can buy them in shops specializing in the sale of natural products and remedies, or take advantage of the online purchase. On the web there are manystorewhich offer packs ofacai berries, our advice is to buy it on the safest e-commerce in the world,Amazon.

On Amazon there are several suppliers that offeracai berries, among these we have identified three capable of providing a product with a safe and clear label.

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