Fumigations and rural schools, teachers denounce

Fumigations and rural schools, teachers denounce

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"Rural teachers are privileged witnesses of the human cost of this model based on transgenics and pesticides"

Scattered among the millions of hectares where export commodities are intensively produced, there are hundreds of rural schools where thousands of boys and girls study what hundreds of teachers teach them: all of them exposed to contact with pesticides that the agro-industrial model applies each time in larger quantities.

Behind the slogans on "sustainability", "progress" or "development" drawn up by the large agribusiness corporations and repeated by the vast majority of our political class, a tragedy difficult to measure unfolds on a daily basis and which exposes with all The barbarism of the open-air experiment to which the Argentine people is exposed is crude.

In the midst of the silence of authorities, control bodies, many unions, professional associations and producer groups, there are more and more voices that are raised, exposing complicities that range from the smallest and most everyday, to the most general and perverse.

The closure of 39 rural schools ordered by the governor of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal, cannot be dissociated from a policy that seeks to “clear” the path to agribusiness.

Ana Zabaloy It is part of the Federal Network of Teachers for Life, which in much of the country denounces the situations to which rural schools are exposed, along with their workers and their children.

Video: Teaching rural and remote QUT education graduate Emily Craven (July 2022).


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