Washing dishes without detergents is possible

Washing dishes without detergents is possible

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The dishes are perfectly cleaned with wateralone, hot or cold, with the condition of doing it at the same time they are vacated. But then, the position in which the dishes are stored is very important. These must be in a position such that they do not form a bowl, they must be upside down or vertical.

Pots and cups

To store in an aerobic state they must have the handle turned upside down so that they hang. No matter how clean they are, if they are left piled up in the mouth they are forming bowls, anaerobic bacteria will be produced with their corresponding bad smell, and if the air does not move in that place it will be worse.

Electric detergent

If the dishes are not washed at the same time they are vacated. Then we need something else, something like electric detergent. This is formed when a thread of water runs over the plate and is crossed from side to side (at 90º) by a steel scourer. The electric and magnetic fields are always at 90 ° As the water is not distilled, the jet is a stream of ions and if at 90 ° a mass of steel moves. The effect is fed back by creating an electro-magnetic field in the first section of the jet that runs on the plate.

This produces a decrease in the surface tension of the water in the first section of the jet on the plate. The decrease in surface tension is the same effect that detergents produce. The water turns into detergent for a few fractions of a second (10 cm jet) and then returns to its normal state. This is the same as making detergent at the same time it is being used.

It can be proved

The surface tension of water is that force that surrounds the drop of water, maintaining its shape. It is also that force that causes the surface of the water to deform when we introduce or remove a rod in the water.

It is difficult to wash without detergent, because the same water produces a waterproof layer of surface tension between the water and the dirt, which prevents the water from penetrating the dirt. If we lower the surface tension of the water, it gets to the bottom of the dirt and loosens it. If we add a few drops of detergent to the water, the deformation on the water surface decreases.

It is difficult to sustain that electric currents and magnetic fields are produced with a jet of water and the movement of a steel wool. It is more credible to say that the total absence of these is almost impossible when non-ion-free water is displaced, perpendicular to the displacement of a mass of metal. The same when the water passes through the tap, cutting the lines of force of the magnets.

Better yet with magnets

If two permanent magnets are located attracting each other, in the kitchen faucet, at the moment in which the water passes through this field, the surface tension decreases. With these magnets we increase the cleaning power.

When the jet falls on a clean plate, if there is surface tension (without magnets) the jet is divided into jets that run through the plate, moving away from each other. If there is not (with magnets) it is observed as a smooth mirror of water around the jet. Then the water is divided into small streams again as proof that the surface tension has returned to the water.

Detergent brand "Affinity"

Lowering the surface tension is an aid to soaking. But it is not everything and it is not the most important thing. Nothing removes dirt more than dirt itself. This is due to the affinity between substances. It is easy to soak and stir fat with fat, flour with flour, charcoal with charcoal, a mixture of fat and charcoal with a mixture of fat and charcoal. Do this test: To a semi-burnt roasting pan or griddle add a quantity of water equal to two large tablespoons, scrape in circles with a stainless steel pad, forming a paste with the dirt. Do not rinse, use that paste as a cleaner and you will see what a powerful detergent you have on your hands. Dirt is added to that cleaning paste out of sympathy and then rinsed off with a thread of water and steel wool.

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