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5 crystals that relieve stress and restore your inner peace

5 crystals that relieve stress and restore your inner peace

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Stress is, unfortunately, an unavoidable part of life. And while everyone has their own means of coping with unsolicited anxiety, something you never thought about is instilling a sense of calm through the power of healing crystals. There are a ton of different crystals that serve different purposes, but a handful of these minerals and gems are crystals dedicated to stress relief, in particular.

I know what you're thinking: how the heck is carrying a stone with me supposed to help calm me down in times of stress? As strange as it may sound initially, crystals have been used since ancient times for their important healing properties, and the energy contained in each gem can, in fact, help lift your mood in an instant.

Now, I'm not saying that keeping a white quartz rock in your pocket is going to relieve all of your stress for the rest of your life. But along with utilizing other helpful coping mechanisms such as simple breathing techniques and meditation, crystals can be a great addition in managing those pesky, anxious all-consuming thoughts.

Try to include any of these five peaceful gems in your day for less stress and more peace.

1. Blue lace agate 1 for clear communication

If you've ever been in a situation with someone where communication was very poor and the tension was at its highest, you know how stressful that shit can be. Neither of you is able to express your feelings correctly, and eventually the disagreement gets out of hand and leads to hurt feelings at any extreme.

According to online resource Crystal Vaults, blue lace agate is amazing for overcoming communication difficulties and misunderstandings - and all the anxious tension that those situations bring. Take this bad boy with you to help you get through those tough emotions, without ruining your life.

2. Amethyst for a protective energy shield

Do you know those days that feel like they drag on forever, in the worst possible way? Nothing seems to be going right, and you feel like stress is literally consuming you from every angle.

Amethyst is here to rescue you in those horrible days, my friend. This lovely lavender crystal dispels negativity from your body while simultaneously attracting all positive vibes. According to the Energy Muse blog, which claims to "demystify the world of crystals," amethyst crystals are extremely powerful and can literally create an "energy shield" around you to ward off stress and anxiety.

Yeah, you can catch me carrying 20 of these bad boys in my pocket next week.

3. Rose Quartz for personal care

Stress and anxiety are very consuming feelings, and when they strike, it can be difficult to think of anything else. However, self-care and compassion are very important during times when you feel bad, and rose quartz crystals serve as a reminder.

Rose quartz is said to be the crystal of love and worship, and that can mean self-love or love for others, or both! If you're carrying one of these pale pink babies, placing one by your bedside or placing one on your desk at work, it will remind you to take a deep and full breath and immerse yourself in all the TLC and self-care.

4. White quartz any and all forms of healing

Whether your stress is deeper like the accumulation of multiple problems in your life, or a more superficial feeling from a long to-do list or a frustrating day at work, clear quartz is here to help you find that one. sense of peace

This crystal really does it all, and is often referred to as the "master healer." Keep a clear quartz close by and use it for anything that bothers you, because no matter what you tell it to help you, you will hear it.

5. Black tourmaline for a stress-free approach

Black tourmaline is a great crystal to include in your meditation sessions due to its balancing and balancing nature. Hold one in the palm of your hand during a sitting meditation as a reminder to release the tension that you may be holding throughout your body.

You can also spank this baby at work if the chatter is clouding your mind, and you want to instill a sense of focus during your daily tasks.

This versatile and powerful stone may not be as colorful or shiny as the others, but you know what they say: Don't judge a black tourmaline by its covering.

By Georgina Berbari

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