Manifesto for the eradication of ASBESTOS and AVINA

Manifesto for the eradication of ASBESTOS and AVINA

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(In the same way that asbestos installed in our lives has to disappear, these asbestos foundations have to suffer the same fate: they have to be inert).

A ghost travels the world, the ghost of the asbestos spread that, like the eighth passenger, has invaded planet Earth.

There is no other solution to get rid of this lethal mineral than to eradicate it, prohibiting its production and consumption processes, as well as eliminating the asbestos already installed, for its subsequent inerting. Asbestos is made up of fibers that are almost eternal and only the transformation of its crystalline structure will make it safe for future generations.

The massacre of asbestos in the world is counted by millions of victims; the cost of universal deafness will be in the billions of euros, but the main culprits can be counted on the fingers of our hands. The names of the big responsible companies that joined forces during the 20th century to profit thoroughly from this vile business are called: Eternit, Turner & Newal, Johns Manville, Cape Asbestos and Uralita. The recognizable European families of this network are the following seven: Schmidheiny, Emsens, De Cartier, Cuvillier, March, Turner and Hatscheck.

The situation requires the application of the statute of victims and the polluter pays principle. For the first, the millions of victims ask for truth, justice and reparation; for the second, states must work to recover funds to redress the victims and to clean up the contaminated. All the funds necessary for this task must be obtained from the main managers (families and companies), not from the people.

For social health, social and political leaders must prevent impunity for perpetrators. For this, it is necessary to apply the principles approved in the UN, on February 8, 2005, "for the protection and promotion of human rights through the fight against impunity."

The attempts of the few families and companies that have to answer for all the crimes committed, to wash their images through philanthropic foundations, are also unjust, unacceptable. They represent a diversion of funds to supposed charitable works.

To achieve these goals, asbestos multinationals and their so-called philanthropic foundations try to co-opt the leaders of social movements and NGOs, making them necessary cooperators in this greenwashing. This attempt supposes an alliance to stop the demands of the victims and to hinder the health needs of the population, in order to eradicate the eighth passenger called asbestos from the planet.

Of all the attempts to secure the blood money obtained from workers, their families and neighbors, that of the Swiss Eternit is the most advanced. Stephan Schmidheiny, denounced by prosecutor Guariniello as a terrorist and serial killer, in the frustrated Turin trial, has founded, inspired and financed the AVINA Foundation, created in 1994 and which continues to this day. This foundation has allied and financed the other called ASHOKA for the same purposes. Both of them walk around the world, especially in Latin America, as benefactors of humanity.

AVINA has followed two strategies.

One of them has consisted in co-opting leaders of social movements and prestigious NGOs so that the idea spreads in the world that Stephan Schmidheiny is a benefactor of humanity. In this order of things, the person responsible for so many deaths, using the money extracted from the victims, has managed to get the University of the Jesuits of Caracas (UCAB), Yale University and the University of Rollins to grant him an honorary doctorate.

The second and recent strategy (2014) is to present it as a pioneer in the elimination of asbestos in the world.

This is unacceptable

For this reason, those who adhere and disseminate this Manifesto, we propose once again that all the university distinctions and others that have been granted be withdrawn, and that the AVINA foundation disappear and its huge income and assets go to a Compensation Fund for to alleviate the enormous suffering that this character and his family have inflicted on thousands of victims for whom they are responsible throughout the world.

The disappearance of AVINA is equivalent to the inerting of this Foundation, so that it does not continue to deceive the world and support the person responsible for so much death and the release of large funds for the victims.

This is applicable to other foundations from the asbestos business where they exist, as is the case in Colombia with the Belgian Eternit (ETEX).

For justice to the victims and for the end of impunity, let us reject AVINA and asbestos in our lives and on the planet we inhabit, spreading this Manifesto.

(Initiative of: AVIDA (Association of Victims of Asbestos in Malaga.

Malaga Zero Asbestos and Ecologists in Action of Malaga)

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