Cancer and Emotions - The Anticancer Mind

Cancer and Emotions - The Anticancer Mind

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By Dr. Odile Fernández

This is the second part of my series of articles My Anti Cancer Recipes. In the first part I tell my story and my relationship with cancer as well as talk about anti-cancer foods and my healing plan.

In today's article I'm going to talk about emotions and cancer and the relationship of cancer to stress.

My story

My name is Odile Fernández, I am a family doctor, I am 36 years old and two children. In 2010 I had ovarian cancer with multiple metastases and the truth is that life expectancy and life expectancy were limited. I wanted to seek something else that was not to extend my life a little but what I wanted was to heal.

As a doctor, I decided to look for all the scientific bibliographic information that related cancer to diet and lifestyles. Something that I had not been taught in the Faculty but that the evidence showed me that there was this support that diet and lifestyle have to do with cancer. So, I started a change in my lifestyle: I changed the way I eat, I started to exercise, I lost weight and I changed my attitude towards illness and towards life, living in the here and now, taking advantage of every second, every moment, because life is limited.

The Anticancer Mind

The development of cancer depends a lot on what we eat, but it also depends on our emotions, on our way of coping with conflicts and relating to ourselves and our peers.

Conflicts can be the source of cancer. To this day, science has not yet been able to identify conflict as a carcinogen, but it has shown that unresolved conflicts and stress contribute to cancer growing faster.

That is why our priority must be focused on ensuring that we are happy, that we live life with joy and in a positive way. That we look for a motivation to heal and live. In my case, my motivation was my 3-year-old son.

Focus on what makes you happy and what makes you enjoy. Believe in your dreams, because if you believe in dreams, dreams will be created.

Stress and Cancer

Stress influences cancer, so much so that it increases the risk of cancer in healthy people and reduces the survival rates of people who have already developed it.

We all suffer from situations that cause us stress, but we each deal with these situations differently. The more overwhelmed and powerless we feel in the face of conflicts, the more likely we are to develop cancer.

When we are subjected to chronic stress, hormones are released that activate the growth and development of cancer. When we are stressed, we release cortisol and adrenaline that stimulate the release of inflammatory substances to the sympathetic nervous system and block NK, thus favoring the appearance of cancer.

Stress is inevitable, what we can do is learn to manage it. We must learn to let things slip and prevent them from affecting us.

To learn how to manage and control stress, I advise you to start doing relaxation exercises and breathing aware.

The meditation it is one of the most effective techniques that cancer patients can use to achieve a state of complete spiritual and mental harmony. Meditation is ideal for managing stress and learning to cope with conflict in a calm way. Meditation consists of concentrating our mind on the breath while we watch conflicts, fears and vicissitudes pass through our mind, but without paying attention to them, without wasting our time on them.

You will see how the way you cope with problems improves and you get more peace and calm of mind.

Practice Creative Visualization

Transmit to your cells your desire to heal, for that creative visualization is very useful:

  • Imagine cancer cells as weak, useless. They are a poorly organized army.
  • You have an army of different types of white blood cells that can be "loaded" onto cancer cells. Image lymphocytes, Natural Killers and macrophages. They must be very strong and disciplined.
  • Your immune system is aggressive and intelligent and is continually searching for and attacking cancer cells.
  • Recreate the battle between the immune system and cancer. While your immune system wins the battle, visualize how the tumor shrinks until it disappears from your body.
  • I imagined that the lymphocytes were policemen with very fierce wild dogs pounding cancer, and the NKs were ruthless Tyrannosaurus Rex that continually attacked by butchering tumor cells.
  • After the victorious battle of our immune cells, the remains of the dead cancer cells are swept away and eliminated from the body. The areas of your body where the cancer was previously are repaired and function perfectly again as if nothing had happened.
  • Imagine how the administered treatment (chemo, radiotherapy, feeding, reiki, acupuncture…) is strong and powerful.
  • Once cancer is defeated, visualize yourself happy, doing what you like the most and surrounded by your loved ones. Imagine yourself full of peace and happiness. Congratulate yourself on how well you have done achieving your healing and let your loved ones congratulate you.
  • If you have pain in any area of ​​the body, imagine how that pain decreases and disappears.

Ask for help

People with cancer do not usually ask others for help, they tend to want to do it all by themselves. So if you have cancer, don't be strong, ask for help!

Your family, your friends, they are your best allies

The role of family and friends during illness is crucial. It has been shown that people who have effective emotional support from their loved ones live longer and have a higher quality of life than those who experience the disease alone.

In my case, my partner, my son, my parents and my friends played a very important role because of the support and love they showed me throughout the process. They were always by my side whether it rained or the sun rose.

My partner and my son shaved themselves when my hair fell out due to chemotherapy to accompany me and with that simple gesture he told me YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Seek the support of your loved ones. If you do not have family or friends close, go to associations of patients with cancer where you will find physical and emotional support.

My Rules To Be Happy

I do not want to say goodbye without leaving you some simple rules to be happy that I try to apply in my day to day.

  • Free your heart from hatred. Forgive old grudges and grudges from the past.
  • Free your mind of worries. Learn to give the right importance to things, make problems "slide" you.
  • Live humbly and unpretentious. Forget consumerism. Live with little.
  • Give more, without the intention of receiving. The important thing is that you offer things that we believe are valuable and important. Wait less.
  • Replace sadness and depression with joy and excitement. Always be positive.
  • Trade fear and anxiety for peace and serenity. Trade anger, envy, and frustration for patience and love.
  • Love intensely and then love others. Love life. Hold on to it.
  • Take control of your life and your illness. You must be an active part of your illness. Don't just let your doctors prescribe a treatment. Ask, search, inquire. Become an active patient.
  • Thank cancer. It sounds tremendous, but it is. Thanks to a process that convulses your life, you can turn your beliefs around and reinvent yourself. Cancer is an opportunity to change your life, reflect on the past and plan a more spiritual, conscious and harmonious present and future. Cancer helps you know who your true friends are and the people who really love you.
  • Live in harmony with nature. Stroll through the countryside and the beach in bare feet. Feel the breeze on your face and the humidity of the soil on your feet. If you can, move to the country.
  • Enjoy every moment that life offers you. Enjoy every touch, every smile, every hug.
  • Travels. Discover new and positive experiences. After all, that's the only thing we take with us when we die.
  • Trust in your power to heal. Nothing is permanent except change. Therefore, any disease is reversible. The power is in us.
  • Learn to listen to yourself and trust your instincts.
  • Practice laughter therapy. Laugh. Surround yourself with someone who makes you smile, not someone who makes you suffer.
  • Learn to say No. Look for yourself first and then for others.
  • Remember that nothing happens by chance. If this article has reached you, it is because you wanted to have this information.

We tend to live thinking that life is infinite. We think that there is always tomorrow to fulfill our dreams, to say I love you or give a hug to a loved one. There are not a thousand tomorrows, we do not know when our life will end, so enjoy the moment and pursue your dreams.

My Anticancer Recipes, A Book and A Story Full of Hope

4 years have passed and I am free of disease against all odds of official medicine. I have become a mother again and I overflow Energy and vitality. I have changed outside and inside. Now I am happier, more cheerful, more positive and I feel rejuvenated and more beautiful than ever. I live focused on the present, in the now. I enjoy every moment, every new day that life gives me and I give infinite thanks for this gift.

My relationship with cancer was special. I got to learn from the disease and live a new life. The experience was wonderful and I have decided to share my personal experience and all the medical information that I have been collecting throughout these years in the form of a blog and two books, My Anti-Cancer Recipes and My Anti-Cancer Cooking Recipes.

My wish is to help other people with cancer to spread light and hope in their healing process. They say that what is not given is lost and I do not want my experience and knowledge to be lost if I can help other people.

About the Author

Odile Fernández, is a family physician and stage IV ovarian cancer survivor. She is the author of 2 books: My Anticancer Recipes Y My Anti-Cancer Cooking Recipes. You can follow his articles on his page:

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