Bad example: 33 thousand tons of electronic waste in Buenos Aires for 2018

Bad example: 33 thousand tons of electronic waste in Buenos Aires for 2018

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In the city of “buenos aires” more than 11 kilos of electronic waste are generated per inhabitant per year.

In the ranking of the most polluting countries due to electronic waste, Brazil figures at the top with more than 1,500 kilotonnes (kt), followed by Mexico with more than 1,000 kt. Then comes Argentina.

According to estimates by the Federation of Commerce and Industry of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, 33,947 tons of electronic waste will be generated in the city this year from its Centro de Investigación Pyme Ciudad Productiva.

According to the report, more than 11 kilos of electronic waste are generated in the City of Buenos Aires per inhabitant per year. The figure represents an increase of around 12 percent compared to 2017, when 30,175 tons of electronic waste were generated, and a little more than 30 percent compared to 2016, when it totaled 25,826 tons.


Currently WEEE represents 2% of the garbage collected in Buenos Aires, of which 45% are made up of white goods (refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning), while the components of computer and telecommunications equipment represent the 30% of the total. The remaining 25% corresponds to video and audio players and televisions.

Of this type of waste, on average, 25% of the components are reusable and 72% are recyclable materials. In this sense, the president of FECOBA, Fabián Castillo, pointed out to Urban News that "today in the City we have 181 companies dedicated to the treatment of waste and recycling and / or recovery of waste, of which 174 are SMEs."

The challenge

There are 181 companies dedicated to the recovery of waste, in the sector they see these figures as an opportunity to “generate added value”, to reduce the cost of the renewal of equipment whose replacement cost is very high in many cases.

"We see that the SMEs framed in these activities have a challenge facing this problem, but at the same time, it is a great opportunity to generate added value since the degree of renewal or replacement of electronic equipment is very high due to constant innovations and the limited useful life of these equipments ”, explained Castillo.

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