Rituals for using the powerful energy of the Blood Wolf Super Moon

Rituals for using the powerful energy of the Blood Wolf Super Moon

Tonight we will see how the full Moon of the Wolves rises towards the sky. This full moon is also a supermoon, which means that it will look bigger and brighter to us here on Earth, and it is a blood moon, a name given to a moon under the influence of a lunar eclipse, which becomes red due to the shadow of the Earth.

All this lunar activity is going to be intense, and if put to good use, the available energy can positively propel us into the next year.

We've lined up a few rituals that you can participate in during the Blood Wolf Super Moon, each designed to encourage you to get all the rewards present during this lunar holiday.

You do not have to be a practicing sorcerer or a believer in magic to participate in one or more of the following rituals. All you have to believe is the ability to manifest goals, self-love and, of course, the power of the moon. Gather everything you need, sit in the moonlight, and get ready for 2019 to be the best year yet.

Take the day to be a Leo

The Super Moon takes place in Leo, a fire sign with high energy and selfish tendencies. As the Llewellyn Witches 2019 Agenda indicates, "[The Moon in Leo] emphasizes the self, central ideas or institutions, away from connections to others and emotional needs."

Although Leos love being around others and smearing the energies of others, the moon rules our instincts and is vulnerable, according to author Juliana McCarthy in The Stars Within You. Therefore, this full moon is a good time to turn the Leo relationship inward and regain self-confidence, inner peace, balance, and love for yourself.

Of course, however, whether you decide to give yourself a little self-love is up to you. But, to help you we have a couple of ideas.

You can first make a Leo Tea, using lemon peel and / or lemon balm, hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) and valerian root, all herbs related to Leo.

Remember your best qualities by making a list in your daily planner or journal (somewhere sacred to you). Repeat a mantra to build confidence (I am strong, beautiful, and worthy of all the positives in my life). Do the one thing that always makes you feel good about yourself.

Ask the moon to give you something you want

Spells, rituals and wishes are always more powerful during the full moon. And the energy of the lunar eclipse and supermoon combined will actually boost that power up to level 10. Make your wishes consecutive and prepare to make them come true.

Even if you've never cast a spell before, you can use the power of the moon to help you cast one. First, make sure you are in a safe space and feel comfortable. Some then choose to shower before doing the spell however washing their hands of impurities, both physical and spiritual, will work well. Make sure you have your supplies with you before you begin, and then imagine yourself being bathed in the bright, positive light of the moon (or get out of your house and bathe in the moon).

Once you have established your sacred zone, write your wish on a piece of paper. You can incorporate colored pens and paper into this ritual, depending on the wish: wishes for money should be written in green, romantics in pink or red, healing in blue, creativity in orange, and happiness in yellow.

As you write, imagine that the wish comes true. Manifest it in your mind. Sit with your wish for a minute or two and feel the emotions that occur when you think it is happening. Once you're ready, burn your paper (fire is the element connected to Leo), or keep it under your pillow until the next full moon.

Sew a bag of enchantment

To add fuel to the fire of your wish, turn it into an amulet. An amulet is a magical tool that you can create to carry with you throughout your day. They typically include herbs, crystals, dried flowers, feathers, and sometimes coins or candle wax, all in a bag.

Get creative with your charm and keep it with you until your wish comes true, or indefinitely. When creating your enchantment, be picky about what you put on it. Choose the ingredients that correspond with what the enchantment is meant to do. Take a look at this Witchipedia color matching chart as well as this Intent Matching chart to help you get started. You will find the colors, herbs, crystals, etc. appropriate to work on your amulet to make it powerful and workable.

Take the final form of your werewolf

If you have it, show it off.

Hey, it's the Super Wolf Blood Moon after all

No matter what ritual you decide to participate in, if you do, take a minute to appreciate the wonder that is the full moon. It's a pretty powerful force, whether you believe in that kind of thing or not.

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