Your grain of sand for the Earth

Your grain of sand for the Earth

Once it was the gods, who were supposed to destroy everything that inhabited the Earth, with their colossal fury, if we humans did not surrender to their tribute.

Then some lost comet, when colliding with the Planet, would cause an explosion so big that life would become impossible for any living being.

And even extraterrestrials, beings with unknown evil and voracity and a technological advance far superior to ours, were the ones who would end up with hundreds of thousands of years of evolution in a single stroke.

Well no, all that failed, all those predictions about the end of the world were becoming increasingly weakened hypotheses, each day more implausible.

It was then that we began to forget the fables and to look at reality. There we realized that, that abrupt end of our civilization that we feared so much, we were causing ourselves, the Humans. That it was not going to be in a day, nor in a week, nor in a year, but that, just as the smoker weakens and makes his body sick with each cigarette, we were weakening the planetary ecosystem with our advanced production systems and our way of life.

This is how we got to the first major environmental demonstration, which took place on April 22, 1970. Since then, actually made official by the UN since 1972, Earth Day is celebrated every April 22, with the main objective of generating greater awareness about the care that we must have regarding the Earth's natural resources and the participation that we must have as environmentally conscious and responsible citizens, in making decisions that may affect the environment.

But despite anti-smoking campaigns, it is very difficult for smokers to quit smoking. Nicotine in cigarettes is a strong poison that is used for fumigation. It is responsible for the fact that, after 30 to 60 minutes of having finished smoking, when its blood levels drop, the body says "I need another cigarette. Yes, and only for that purpose nicotine is added.

And despite being aware of what is happening, it is very difficult for the world to stop using. The consumer consumes what the producer produces. Or will it be the other way around? At first glance this question resembles the old question about who came first, the chicken or the egg. However, the difference is that the decision about what should be produced and what should be consumed, we have been leaving in the hands of "the market", but not the market in your neighborhood, eh?, One that is much further north and that it has no gondolas or carts.

The smoker thinks he is smoking cigarettes, but in reality he is consuming his lungs, his arteries, his liver, his body.

The consumer believes they are consuming food, household items, clothing, cell phones or other products, however, they are consuming rivers, forests, mountains, ecosystems; it is the planet itself that is consuming. Environmentally sustainable production and responsible consumption are important tools to put into practice, to deepen and to spread.

We have a lot to do, to learn, to work. Those of us who remain convinced that we still have time to achieve that one day not too far away, the entire planet can be a place where human beings live with other species in a more harmonious, more sustainable way.

Ricardo Natalichio

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