If you drink coffee on an empty stomach, all of this can happen to you

If you drink coffee on an empty stomach, all of this can happen to you

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You are a zombie? Not a real dead person walking the streets, but unable to function in the morning without coffee?

Then listen. The morning coffee could be causing your body to react in ways you never thought possible!

From shrinking gallbladder to anxiety, blood pressure, and loss of concentration levels, that morning your cup of coffee may not be as rejuvenating as you think! Before you wake up and start drinking it, take a minute to think about whether you are going to start your day taking care of your body or if you want to have health problems.

Here are some problems with your morning routine.

Gallbladder Contraction

If you get gallstones frequently, you'll want to avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach. Doing so can cause the gallbladder to contract, which means it shrinks in size and stops working properly.

You may notice loss of appetite, severe pain, vomiting, jaundice, and diarrhea. While it is not always something to worry about and can be a regular digestive process, it can be painful and uncomfortable!


What would you rather do: start the day a little tired, or be a ball of paralyzing anxiety? That may be the reality if you start your morning with coffee. There is a lot of research done showing that the caffeine in coffee is associated with anxiety.

The condition is known as caffeine-induced anxiety disorder and can cause anxiety attacks and can even develop into phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Eliminating caffeine quickly could be a great idea!


Many people swear by their cup of coffee, which puts them on their toes in the morning, but how engaged are you in your morning meeting? Do your hands shake when you try to be alert? Are you reaching for another teaspoon of coffee to calm yourself down?

The truth is, your concentration and performance levels at work are at an all-time low when you start your morning with coffee on an empty stomach.

Increase your blood pressure

Are you already suffering from hypertension? You must leave the morning coffee. Those who generally don't drink a lot of coffee or suffer from hypertension may experience high blood pressure when drinking coffee.

Changes can last around two to three hours, which can be long enough to make you feel uncomfortable when you don't need to! Have a glass of water instead.

Fibrocystic breast disease

While this doesn't necessarily relate to coffee on an empty stomach, it's essential nonetheless. The Journal of the National Cancer Institute has reported a connection between caffeine consumption and fibrocystic breast disease (FBD).

If you drink between 31 and 250 mg of caffeine every day, you increase your risk of contracting the condition 1.5 times, or 2.3 times if you take more than 500 mg.

Make menopausal symptoms worse

Even if you don't drink coffee on an empty stomach, it may not help your menopause symptoms. If anything, it can make them much worse!

Decreased levels of cortisol

When you wake up in the morning, your body releases a hormone known as cortisol to make you feel awake. Then you use the coffee to feel even more awake!

Research shows that once you drink your morning coffee for long periods, day after day, your cortisol levels decrease rather than increase them. As a result, you may feel even more tired after your coffee than before.

Affect your skin

Do you want beautiful and glowing skin forever? Then skip the coffee and head straight to work. Although research is still limited, what is currently available shows that coffee reduces collagen synthesis.

This happens in human skin fibroblasts grown in humans. While the study is the first of its kind, it shows that it can inhibit collagen biosynthesis related to skin elasticity. Also, the dose counts for a lot. The more caffeine you consume, the greater the impact.

Risk of miscarriage

Recent studies have found that if you consumed coffee before you got pregnant, you could have a higher chance of miscarrying your baby. Any caffeinated drink during pregnancy could also help.

While the risk is at any time of the day, not just in the morning, the most popular time for coffee is first thing in the morning. If you are trying to have a baby, you would like to eliminate caffeine from your diet beforehand.


For many people, losing a cup of coffee in the morning would be like losing a limb. Many cannot start the day without their gold powder.

However, what if you knew that cup of coffee, and potentially a little more, to your body was more harmful than good? Science speaks for itself. A morning coffee can affect your concentration, blood pressure, skin, and even your menopausal symptoms. It might be time to fill your coffee cup with water and start your day with a healthier attitude.

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