Five recyclable and sexy costumes for carnival

Five recyclable and sexy costumes for carnival

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Thecarnival and the minds of loversfancy dressbegin to smoke in search of originality and showiness. Calling attention to elegance, joy and sensuality is one of the keys to these dates, so choosing an idea and making the correspondingsuit time required.

Thecarnival costumes online ( are presented as an ideal solution sinceInternet offers a wide range of possibilities. It is only necessary to choose the best option, click on it and pay with our credit card. This possibility, however, is somewhat artificial and usually does not leave much room for imagination, so the ideal is to include handmade accessories that add a plus to our set. With these additional elements, in addition, we will do the planet a favor since by using elementsrecyclable we will fulfill the commitment with theenvironment that we all must have.

Thus, by combining a costume purchased online with recyclable elements that we will find in our own home, we will obtain a resultoriginal Ysexy. Thecolors will be more varied,prices more affordable andnovelties will depend on our good work when choosing. These are someideasto conquer all:

  1. Spiderwoman. Tight clothing is extremely sexy, and spiderwoman is the queen of tight clothing. They also allow maximum mobility on a carnival night that is expected to be hectic. The jumpsuit in this costume is difficult to make at home, so we will buy it online. The rest of the accessories, on the other hand, can be made with recyclable and environmentally friendly elements. Garbage bags properly laminated and trimmed can become a perfect mask, while with the threads of old t-shirts that we no longer use we will make spider web to hunt down our victims.
  2. Sexy princess. On the internet we can find a multitude of princess costumes. The crown and the beads, however, can be made with aluminum foil and plastic bottles or plastic jugs, thus achieving the original manual touch that will make our costume the best of the party.
  3. Fallen Angel from heaven. As sensual as it is original. As simple as buying the bra online and including factors such as the headband made from wires and cotton, recycled products that will allow us to respect the environment. If we also include some pre-designed flaw in our costume we will convey the idea that we have just fallen from a cloud.
  4. Sexy ladybug. It is a typical and easy to make costume to which we will add an original and attractive sexy touch.Any black garment in our wardrobe that we no longer use will be used for the upper part. From the waist down, on the other hand, we will bet on shorts accompanied by a miniskirt that we will make ourselves with cardboard and different fabrics, thus collaborating with recycling.
  5. Bold sailor. Sexy and simple. Sailor costumes proliferate in different online portals, so we can acquire the suit to dedicate ourselves body and soul to making the ideal hat with garment fabrics that we no longer use as well as details based on plastic and aluminum foil.

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