Breeds of rabbits: characteristics, complete list and photos

Breeds of rabbits: characteristics, complete list and photos

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Who has never paid too much attention to it i rabbits they can always look the same, cute and often a little scary animals, or at least that's how they are described, moving in a frantic way and gnawing on everything, or almost everything. Yet there are dozens and dozens of breeds of rabbits and we are here to get to know them better and maybe learn to distinguish them. For some it will be easy but for others it will be very difficult.

Breeds of rabbits: the registry of the National Association of Italian rabbit breeders

The registry made by Anci (National Association of Italian Rabbitters) was born with 4 main purposes: to preserve the biological variability between the rabbit breeds, to enhance the role of pure breeding, to coordinate the organization of official fairs for the dissemination of breeding stock and to ensure the personal and morphological certification.

We can find you all Italian rabbit breeds which are 43, divided, based on the weight of the subjects and the structure of the hair, into four categories: heavy, medium, light, with a special pile structure. Even today it is a very important document for safeguarding these animals throughout the national territory.

Breeds of rabbits: morphological characteristics

When we go to catalog rabbits it is necessary to do it using criteria and parameters that help us find the differences between the different breeds. Usually it is the morphological characteristics that specifically are the body robust, the abundance of muscle masses fleshy, the fur pigmented and the dark color ofiris. This is the classic Italian rabbit.

Breeds of rabbits: the best known

Before rattling off the long list of breeds, let's focus our attention on the most particular and curious ones starting from Hotot which also has a rather funny name. It comes from France and is not very common, but it should be known because it is considered one of the most beautiful breeds from a physical point of view. It is sweet, with its huge brown eyes surrounded by the black of the fur, two spots that stand out on the rest of the white coat. He is greedy and risks gaining too much weight, he is small and is perfectly happy in the apartments as long as he is allowed moments of freedom to run.

Another small rabbit is the Toy, or Nano, which weighs no more than 1.5 kg and has a compact body, with small, short and rounded ears. It is a small creature that arouses a lot of tenderness even for its soft and short fur, brown, gray, black or white. He has a very fearful and shy character, an initially suspicious attitude towards man.

Let's now turn to a giant rabbit, that one of Flanders, originally from Belgium and weighing up to 10 kg. Its body is long and wide, it has a relaxed and peaceful character, even a little too lazy, and a soft black, bluish, beige, gray, brown or white fur.

The Aries rabbit it is instead easy to recognize by looking at his ears which are long and drooping, making him a bit sad in appearance. In truth, he gets along very well, even at home, thanks to an overall calm and affectionate character.

We continue with the Rex which exists in both standard and mini sizes and weighs up to 5 kg, or a maximum of 2 kg respectively. It is a particularly active animal that should be allowed to let off steam at home. It has a very soft hair to stroke which can be black, chocolate, red or white even with spots.

If you prefer a rabbit that is a bit calmer and more thoughtful, it is better to opt for the Lion head, also called Lionhead which immediately stands out for its long hair which resembles a feline mane. It comes from Belgium and is not particularly big, it weighs a couple of kilos maximum, and can't wait to receive our attention.

Now we end with two rabbits who, each in their own way, caught my attention. The Tan and that of English Angora. The first comes from the United Kingdom and comes from the cross between a wild rabbit and a Dutch rabbit. She has a sweet disposition but a little hyperactive, she is curious and intelligent and fits well at home if you let her have fun. The rabbit ofEnglish Angora instead it comes from Turkey and has a very particular hair, white, black, chocolate or brown but very long and silky, so much so that it must be combed every day and can also be bred for its wool.

Rabbit breeds: complete list

Here is finally the whole list of 43 rabbit breeds Italians

  1. Angora
  2. Pied Tricolor
  3. Small Silver
  4. English Aries
  5. Pearly Fairy
  6. Japanese
  7. Marten
  8. Champagne silver
  9. Focata
  10. Dwarf Aries
  11. Rex
  12. Thuringia
  13. Alaska
  14. Small Aries
  15. Havana
  16. Bianca from Vienna
  17. Small Chinchilla
  18. Fairy of Marburg
  19. Giarra Bianca
  20. Hotot
  21. Leprino of Viterbo
  22. Lynx
  23. Dutch
  24. Gold of Saxony
  25. English Pied
  26. Small Pied
  27. Russian
  28. Satin
  29. Fox
  30. Large Silver
  31. Aries
  32. White from New Zealand
  33. Vienna blue
  34. Californian
  35. Big Chinchilla
  36. Ermine
  37. Fawn of Burgundy
  38. White Giant
  39. Piebald Giant
  40. Giant
  41. Hare
  42. Colored Dwarf
  43. New Zealand Red

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