Cavoodle: characteristics and character

Cavoodle: characteristics and character

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There are crossbreeds and crossbreeds, Mestizos of series A and others of series B, there are mestizos that over time are considered almost as a breed in their own right and this happens when the combination of known breeds makes sure that the result is a dog with extraordinary characteristics, such as not barking and not shedding hair. This is exactly what happens with the Cavoodle, a dog that for the allergic or intolerant, or for those with intolerant neighbors, it can be the ideal dog. Moreover, it is also very small, making it a perfect pet even for a studio apartment. Also known as Cavapoo, this is a dog worth knowing, we will do so by suspending judgment regarding this way of doing. crossroads to create "phenomena", very expensive of course.

Cavoodle: a toy breed

As we have already clarified, we are dealing with a really small dog but the name "toy" also fits him on a symbolic level because we are dealing with a creature created specifically to be loved. The Cavoodle idea came around the nineties to a couple of US breeders, from Arizona, Linda and Steve Rogers. Their dream, which then came true, was to get a little dog that would remain forever with the appearance of a puppy and that could be the dream of all those people who look at the dog more as a toy than a living being.

The "magic" crossing is what it mixes Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Toy Poodle and Bichón frisé. They are three dogs that are already highly desired as pets, but the breeder couple wanted more and with the help of a geneticist and a veterinarian specialized in breeding, they came up with our Cavoodle. The dog that does not bark and does not cause allergies. Being a crossbreed, we must take into account that we can also find specimens with very different appearances depending on how the genes are combined, sometimes there are dogs that look a lot like a Poodle, other times they are similar to Bichon frisé.

However, the fact remains that these are dogs a lot easy to manage, both from the character point of view, as we will soon see, and from the medical / logistic point of view because they generally enjoy excellent health and do not require special attention. For now this type of dog has all the credentials to become popular all over the world, but so far it has not been officially recognized as a breed by any canine society.

Cavoodle: characteristics

Often and willingly when we talk about Cavoodle we run the risk of seeing it mistaken for a Cockapoo. So instead of talking only about one or the other, to describe them we compare them in a very practical way. First a small parenthesis on the Cockapoo which is another dog of specific breeds but is not recent, it has already existed since the 1950s, originated in the United States fromcross between a Standard Poodle and an English Cocker Spaniel and is considered very popular

These two hybrid breeds are very similar, both physically and temperamentally, but let's try to observe themand differences

The coat of the Cavoodle is long and curly but rather often compared to that of the Cackapoo, as regards the dimensions it is not easy to compare them because each specimen can be more or less tall depending on the breed to which it resembles while a considerable difference can be recorded in the shape of the ears which in our Cavoodle are shorter, the muzzle is also more flattened. Compared to his "friend", the Cavoodle also has a life expectancy of less than 4 years (from 10 to 14 years)

Cavoodle: dimensions

The dimensions being a crossbreed are not at all easy to identify but there is no doubt that we are dealing with an XXS breed, with a weight that can fluctuate between 4.5 and 7 Kg.

Cavoodle: character

Character is certainly one of the reasons for the success of the Cavoodle because it is a lot quiet and playful, able to integrate with other animals and live with them. We have a lively, nice, intelligent and affectionate dog, also used to do things pet therapy. He is very quiet and patient, more than his fellow Cockapoo, and also more able to endure moments of solitude. The Cockapoo needs more affection and attention and at the same time is a little more pretentious and less tolerant.

Cavoodle: farms in Italy

It is not easy to find farms in Italy that sell this type of crosses, the best thing is to try to ask your veterinarian or some professional trainers who will be able to organize themselves better.

Cavoodle: where to buy it and price

One thing is certain, whatever breeding you find around, get ready to shell out a lot of money for this type of dog that, the more famous it becomes, the more it will see its prices rise. Already today whoever has paid for it at least $ 2,000 and most likely almost double that. It is fashionable and as long as it remains, prices will not drop.

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